The truth hurts sometimes. We have to step back sometimes and take a honest look at ourselves. Analyze exactly who we are and what we are. Whether that is as a community or an individual.

The truth can hurt and sometimes is suppose to hurt. Maybe it is suppose to wake us up or kick us in the butt and tell us to stop our ignorant ways.

The Adult Baby community is made up a variety of individuals and while some are completely capable of doing the right things, there is another group that tends to do the wrong things when it comes to representing the community as a whole. I am talking about those adult babies that feel entitled or expect that because they are this unique person that they can impose their adult baby habits on the public and others.

Diaper Under DressI am not talking about wearing diapers in public or showing your diapers in public on some level. Some people take it to extremes and go prancing around in just a diaper around public areas. That is flagrantly flaunting in my opinion and inappropriate. I know some ABDLs get a kick out of doing that sort of thing but that sort of act you must realize sets a very bad tone for the rest of the ABDL community.

All it takes is one or two people getting caught or in trouble doing these sort of actions and it gets blasted all over the news. Then, America sees the adult baby and diaper lover community as this group of people that just wants to publicly harass people by prancing around in just a diaper all day. Which is completely inaccurate. Most ABDLs are well-respected people.

The sensitiveness of the ABDL topic is important to consider because a few missteps can completely label the ABDL crowd as some sexually-deviant group. Which is also not true.

My point is this. In my opinion, it is completely appropriate if you want to lay out on the beach, minding your own business, in just a diaper. But, taking it to that next level is when you go prancing around the boardwalk at the beach, mall, shopping area, grocery store, etc. I have personally seen this and I just had to shake my head. Fortunately, the person was gone before security showed up but that is the type of action that sets a bad reputation for us all.

I personally encourage those to be confident and brave in not worrying about your diaper showing but sometimes we have to step back and look at ourselves and what we are doing. Would you go flaunt just underwear in a public shopping area? No. So, why would you do it in a diaper? Come on people – I know at least a few of you have considered it that read my blog…just by pure statistics.

I am here to tell you to…Abort Abort Abort. Do not do this. If you want to see our community grow and prosper then we need to semi follow the rules otherwise the public perception of the adult baby and diaper lover crowd will go down. I take a lot of pride in being part of this community and it is something I am truly proud of and protective of. I just hate to read stories of the few in the crowd that give us a bad name and make it more difficult for those people already in the ABDL community to express themselves but also those “newbie” ABDLs to come out of their shell!