Adult babies and diaper lovers are a bigger crowd than most people can appreciate. We number probably in the 10’s of thousands if not close to hundreds of thousands if you included those that do not actually “classify” themselves as such but enjoy a diaper or being an adult baby. But, the question is that can a modern day adult baby and diaper lover exist in the real world? Well, I am here to give my opinion on the topic. From what I can tell – people in this day and age are more accepting to differences as long as they are not being harmful or blatantly abrupt to interfere with someone else’s life.

Modern day has brought a lot of change as far as how many people view differences. Whether it be gay rights, fetishes or other interests – these many things have been brought to the forefront whether through the press, TV or radio. These things have been brought into the public eye and people are more aware of their existence now a days which for some people breeds curiosity rather than ridicule in many ways. If they at the least know a basis for the existence of a topic and some background information they are far less to judge so quickly or ridicule but rather be more curious than they otherwise would be.

Adrian Adult Diaper

I can talk from personal experience that many people in my life that I have come across do not know my incontinence story or the reason why I wear diapers. But, they notice that I am wearing a diaper or the things I have to deal with that diapers bring whether it be changing my diaper, carrying diapers with me, bulges (obviously), clothing issues, etc. They are more curious of the reason because I don’t flaunt it or try to make another person feel totally uncomfortable about it. When you are faced with a difference in life – do you automatically judge? More curious? Feel uncomfortable? Obviously, it depends on what it is, who it is and what situation you are in. So, why should a stranger/friend/acquaintance be expected to act any different if they are presented with this experience of YOU wearing a diaper? They shouldn’t. Which is why you should first of all not flaunt it or act totally irrational. You should act natural.

For many people this acting natural when wearing a diaper is hard. It is exciting, nervous and a rush of emotion. But, in this day and age if you want to embrace the diaper lover and adult baby lifestyle in the modern world I feel you have to respect others around you as well. It is a give and take. If you want to wear diapers on the beach with a t-shirt then I think that is perfectly acceptable. BUT, it is not acceptable in my opinion to prance around the beach in just a diaper, crawling around and/or changing your diaper in front of a crowd of people. And it is especially NOTย acceptable to do this especially if children are around. Use common sense please. Though something is deemed appropriate and you are not harming anyone per se – respectfully and just common sense says to not to do it in these circumstances.

Many situations just require common sense. Though I wear diapers full time and am a proud diaper girl – I certainly don’t go walking up and down the local mall in a diaper. Maybe it peaks out or I bend over and its noticeable at times but I do not wear a micro-mini skirt so everyone in the mall can see my diaper. Common sense people. Be respectful and I think you will be surprised how much more respect you receive. I think adult babies and diaper lovers can exist in the modern world if they are just more aware of common sense rules and not making it a “big thing”.