The diaper lover side of people is unique and comes in different forms. The biggest problem most “pre” adult baby and diaper lovers have, especially at a young age, is coming to terms with their uniqueness. They realize that they like diapers and that they are somewhat attracted to using them in some way. But, they know that it is on some level, not normal. Then, most people wrestle with their inner-conscious for a long time because they enjoy something that to general society is taboo.

Lots of effort is spent trying to understand and make sense of why you are attracted to diapers in the beginning. Many people will go through phases of being a diaper lover and then ridding themselves of everything, only to return to diapers a week later. This is very common in the younger years for many adult babies and diaper lovers. They go through binge and purge sessions of using diapers and throwing them away.

In reality, most people that are at this point of liking diapers and using diapers in this way will find it extremely difficult to ever completely forget about their diaper lover side. In many cases, a lot of people will go years without using diapers but that thought is always there – almost haunting them and tempting them to come back. It is things like this that make you question why you should even wrestle with and trying to fight your diaper lover side. It is who you are at that point – it is part of you.

Proud Diaper Lover Girl

If you are one of those people that are wrestling with whether to accept the diaper lover side of yourself or not then you should step back and realize that if you are having to make that choice – then most times it is fruitless to even try. Accepting yourself for who you are is one of the best choices you are going to make. Accepting your diaper lover side is going to be a hard decision at first and I am sure you will question the choice at times but in the end you will realize it is for the best.

Being unique is something to be proud of. I am sure you asking me – how are you going to be proud of being a diaper lover in a society that looks at being an ABDL as taboo? That requires a little courage and bravery on your part to step out of your shell. But, also you have to tell yourself that the uniqueness in being an adult baby or diaper lover is what keeps you happy, comfortable, and makes you, YOU. This is important for your overall sanity and functioning. If it helps you focus and get through your day and keeps you happy – that is important too. You only have one life to live and if you spend it not doing something you enjoy and wishing a lot of the time you could or should have allowed the diaper lover side of you to come out.

Be yourself, be unique and be proud of who you are. Accept your inner diaper lover side and then move on with your life.