I wanted to address on my blog the issue recently that has been brought to attention between ABUniverse and their partnership with a site that is known to harbor disgusting stories, photos, people, etc of children in relation to diapers.  For those who do not know the site – it is called “Deeker’s”.  I will not link to the site nor will I repeat the site’s name more than once because the site is disgusting in my opinion.  Anyways, I want to address two sides to this issue that I have:

First, ABUniverse is a small adult baby diaper company.  These are the facts:

  1. The site ABUniverse partnered with, no matter how short, is disgusting and contains inappropriate material that can easily be considered illegal.
  2. ABUniverse DID partner with them.
  3. ABUniverse issued a retraction AFTER people had a problem with the partnership.

These are the facts.  Nobody will ever know whether ABUniverse knew what they were doing and was trying to leach traffic from the disgusting people who visit that site or whether they were just oblivious to what they were involved in.

Either reason presents a problem to me.  First, if they did try to leach traffic from that site to help buy their products then that is completely wrong, disgusting, etc on so many levels and is a serious issue with me.  Second, if they were just oblivious to it then that tells something about their company and how out of touch they are with their customer base (ABDLs).

Some people will say that I just do not like ABUniverse and that is why I am writing an article on this.  But, that is just not the case.  I don’t hate them nor do I think you should not buy from them – but it does give you some choices to make about where you buy adult diapers from and brings into question YOUR feelings on the topic.  ANY COMPANY that did this whether online or in the real world – I would have a problem with them!  I have extremely strong feelings towards this topic.

Sites dealing with children and underage is WRONG, period!  There is no other justification needed.  It is just wrong.  Disgusting, nasty, disturbing, and makes me depressed thinking about it.  So, MY feelings on this may be stronger than many of yours on this topic because I know the harm and impact these disgusting sites can have on people.  Don’t try to justify these sites with your “ageplay” reasons – don’t give me that – it’s WRONG and you know it.  Don’t try to justify it.  There is a line and sites like that CROSS IT BIG TIME.

I think it is great that ABUniverse puts out products for the ABDL community…that is a good thing and I commend them for that.  But, they continually give reasons over time that brings into question their reputability as a company as well as many other things with them.  First, it was poor customer service (seems to be somewhat solved but still have heard of some issues); Second, they were actively on boards posing as customers trying to get people to buy their products (lying); Third, their price of their products is suspect because of how high it is compared to other adult diapers (inflated profit margin); And Finally, ABUniverse now actively engaged in a partnership with a well known site that has disgusting stories, photos, sightings, people, etc dealing with children and diapers.  Those are the facts – people have named some other things to me about them but I will not speculate on those because they are not facts.

Overall, do I think you should stop buying from ABUniverse? No, probably not.  But, should it question where you buy adult diapers from and who you want to support based on your morals and logic? YES, definitely..