So, since I forgot all about this post and at the time this post was biased – I will redo the review to a little more accurate and further explained since my blog actually became successful.

I first tried the ABUniverse diapers back in the day when they first came out before I had really tried to many premium diapers.  This was around the time Bambino was first getting started as well and getting kinks worked out.  Here is a picture of the original ABUniverse diaper – I am not sure if they have changed since I have not bought from them in awhile.

These diapers are pretty absorbent and decently crinkly.  The absorbency is better than probably 90% of the diapers out there with the exception of Abena, Molicare, Bambino, and Secure. Some people like that crinkliness in a diaper which these do seem to have a decent amount of crinkle.  The fit is decent but the padding I don’t feel like is as padded as some of the other premium diapers.

These diapers do not have true leg cuffs to hold the diaper to your legs to prevent leaks and does not have a true elastic waistband which in my case I like because it holds it tighter to my body.  ABUniverse diapers do not have these while other premium diapers do.

The baby prints on the ABUniverse diaper are cute and the frontal design is neat how it is blended with the actual diaper and not just a tape.  So, if you like the babyish look then this diaper is definitely an option.

Overall, this diaper is definitely up in the premium category but my only MAIN gripe with the ABUniverse diaper is the price.  Many other diapers that are in my opinion better actually charge a lot less than ABUniverse.  Bambino, Secure, and Abena all run around $1.37 – $1.38 per diaper (mediums)  while the ABU diapers run well over $2 per diaper which is extremely expensive.  Other premium diapers in my opinion have better absorbency and more features than the ABU diaper and are actually less expensive than the ABU diaper so that is my main gripe with them.  I never had a problem with their customer service or shipping but then again that was a long time ago and supposively others have but I can’t speak to that.  To sum up, good premium diaper with good absorbency but WAY too pricey in reality for what you get compared to other premium diapers…but, then again if you like their babyish look and are willing to pay top dollar for it, then these diapers may be a good option or another type of diaper to carry in your diaper stash!

ABUniverse Diapers.