I have heard from multiple sources now and random grumblings that Abena is looking to switch their Abena X-Plus to cloth diapers…multiple people have emailed me telling me this and I have heard it myself from a few other sources.  Not sure the validity of it but this would be a big hit to the premium adult diaper selection for adult babies and diaper lovers.  Even though I am a Bambino girl – I do love Abena X-Plus diapers as well and I do always keep a small supply on hand for random times.

This would be very disappointing for sure if it is true.  If they were to switch to cloth I would definitely not stick with them…I have never really liked any cloth like diapers…just not my thing.  But, I do recognize the Abena is not making these adult diapers for the ABDL community but rather they are making them for the incontinence community and I guarantee you the majority of the incontinence community would rather a cloth like diaper than plastic backed.  I am not one of those people but the majority are hence why a lot of the big manufacturers are moving to cloth like type diapers – Tena, Attends, and possibly Abena now?

Again, not sure how valid it is but just wanted to throw that out there to people in the community to see what people’s thoughts were on this or if they had heard anything?.