Hey everyone.  I just wanted to let everyone know about a little upcoming project that I have begun.  I have started constructing another blog/website that its pure goal is to serve as a ‘information’ and ‘the truth’ site about ABDLs.  There really isn’t a blog or site out there that in depth tries to explain who exactly an ABDL is and who they are not.  Hopefully by creating this other education site about ABDLs I can try to distribute it out and hit mainstream more and possibly get a better understanding from some people on who we are and who we are not.  People are too quick to judge and maybe by giving people a good blog/site to go to and learn a little more about us in a non-bias (both positives and negatives) way they can better relate, understand, and accept the ABDL community.  But, I just wanted to let everyone know to expect a whole other separate blog/site soon that will be geared towards that.  So, everyone will have this blog and that blog to check everyday for updated content 🙂