Well, I heard what many of you said and it sounds like a lot of people want to see more photos…which I do understand. But, while I do understand and want to please my viewers, you too must be understanding that I am a girl and as many of you know that girls do get somewhat overwhelmed in this community at times. So, while I don’t mind requests please be kind in your comments and understanding as I do my best to please my readers as well as keep a somewhat conservative appearance at times to protect myself. I post a good deal of my photos at IMABDL.com and I do understand some can’t afford that and thats why I post a few pictures here and there around this blog but there are by far more there. But, anyways this photo is of me in a changing room when I went out with some girlfriends 2 weekends ago to shop. I thought the dress was cute but I didn’t buy it – so cute I took a photo with it!

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