Just making a quick post while I am getting ready to go out for a “night on the town”.  Haha not really on the town but going to go out with some friends and have a good time.  I haven’t been able to do much lately because I have  been so busy but as I stand here putting on makeup and picking out what to wear and what not it really is just exciting knowing your about to go out for a nice relaxing nice with some girlfriends.  I don’t get to do it that often so I try to bask in the enjoyment of it all.  Should be fun.  We are probably going to end up seeing a movie tonight as well – not sure which one to see yet though.  We are learning towards that new movie Tangled – but we will have to see what time it is playing and what we feel like when we get around to that.

Just a quick tip for those who wear diapers out in public or any where I guess for that matter.  If you want to wear a thicker diaper like a Bambino, Molicare, Secure, etc.  and not deal with it being so tight on you and puffy while wearing it…first, when putting the diaper on make sure after taping it up to stand up and readjust it if you put the diaper on laying down so that it is better fitting.  Roll the top of the diaper down so that it does not bulge so much in the front and then push on the front of the diaper and the back to try and “loosen” the diaper up to be a bit less “bulgy” and also to release some of the air trapped in it.  Then, place a bit of vaseline on the areas in the crotch to help the diaper slide and not chaff or cause any uncomfortable marks in that area.  That is sort of my process for diapering a lot of times…it helps *Some*.  It can only help to a certain extent but when going out on a night like tonight where I REALLY don’t want to have leakage issues and uncomfortable issues I wear a thicker diaper (Bambino) and follow those steps almost religiously and it helps me at least.  Not sure how that all plays out in the “man part” department as I know that can add an extra “obstacle” I am sure to the bulge.  Not sure what to tell you there.

Anyways, I’m off and I hope everyone has a great weekend! stay dry!.