Well a new week has begun, whether that is positive or negative! 🙂 haha Not too much going on I am just on a break from work here for a few minutes. Didn’t sleep very well last night, had another accident again with leaking so I was up quite early trying to get things cleaned up!

So i posted i think last week about a  new show coming on called “The Secret Lives of Women” and one of them is an adult baby who I THINK runs a site! Anyways, someone posted about how many bad comments it was getting on ebaumswold. I went and took a look and it really is sad how much people judge others. Every person has something different about them something that makes them unique and it makes me sad how judgmental people can be in a “free” country. Anyways, regardless of the stupidity it premiers tomorrow night so I am going to watch it and hopefully it will be good and portray our community well!

I hope everyone has a very wonderful day.. ill post again later this evening 🙂 oxoxox.