Here I am sitting in my living room on the couch on my day off typing away on my computer doing absolutely nothing.  I have the day off from work so my goal today is to do as little as possible.  I will probably only move from this couch the whole day until Peter gets home to change my diaper or grab food/drink.  Sound boring? It sounds like heaven to me right now.  I have been absolutely wiped out lately so sitting on the couch and doing nothing is amazing to me right now.  Looking through the Netflix shows and movies right now to see what I would like to start watching on my all day movie/show marathon.

On a random note – Amazon is now allowing you to trade in your electronics for Amazon gift cards…I think that is a pretty good deal.  I have a lot of old electronics laying around and I love Amazon so I am probably definitely going to do that.  Figured there had to be other people out there that always liked finding a good deal like me and trading in junk I don’t really use anymore for free money is always a good deal in my mind.

Yum, this bowl of Kashi with blueberries is so good.  Kashi + blueberries = love.  So, good.  Kashi has a lot of fiber in it which is really important to me.  There are so many benefits to fiber that many people I think look over but if you really do your research you will realize just how many benefits fiber really does have for your body.  Anyways, maybe I will do an informative post on fiber later.  I know there isn’t much interesting stuff in this post – but so goes life…I am not that interesting of a person in my mind.  It is summer time and I will have a bit more free time and I am planning to do something a bit different with the blog to maybe spice it up some but I am not that technically inclined so be patient with me as I work on it..