Positives of Incontinence and Diapers

Most people when they hear the word incontinence they feel sorry for you. They feel bad and their mind starts to wonder…How…Why…What do you do?

There are different forms of incontinence – some congenital and some acquired. Mine was congenital and I have been with it since birth. Congenital anomalies happen more than people think. Some are debilitating while others may go unnoticed.

My incontinence is 2 part:

  1. Improper Formation of Sphincters
  2. Improper Neurologic Formation in lower spine

That is the simplest way I can explain it without getting too scientific.

Incontinence can be a tragic diagnosis to many people. But, there are positives. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Here are my 5 best things that I have come to recognize about life when living with incontinence.

Life Could Be Worse

If the worst thing that happens to me in my life is being diagnosed with incontinence and having to wear diapers than I am a lucky girl.

I could be seriously debilitated, missing limbs, paralyzed, or much much worse. Things could always be worse.

I appreciate what God has given me and fully accept the cards I have been dealt. In my mind – it was a gift!

Become a More Accepting Person

When you are diagnosed or learn something about yourself that may be a bit out of the ordinary, you learn you do not have total control. You accept it about yourself even though you know it may be different than the majority of the population.

You become more accepting of other people’s quirks or differences because you know you have one yourself. I appreciate this because it has allowed me to connect with a lot of different people on different levels.

Learn to Embrace Uniqueness

Some people would look at incontinence as a curse. I look at incontinence as a blessing. A unique aspect of ME.

Wearing diapers has opened up my life as well. It makes me again…unique. I love that. I love other people’s uniqueness and proudly tell them to embrace it. God made you that way.

Meet Amazing People

I have met some amazing people between the incontinence and ABDL (adult baby / diaper lover) community. They are some of the friendliest, smart, and kind people you will ever meet.

If I were never incontinent and never had to wear diapers – I would not be in this lifestyle at all and would have never met such an amazing group of people.

The Positives of Wearing Diapers

Some of you will read this and shake your head…especially if you are newly incontinent. Wearing diapers can be a positive if you allow it. Many people are quite surprised by the comfort and relaxation aspect of a diaper.

If you can allow yourself to get past the stereotype – it will simplify your life. It is much better than dealing with catheters or surgery where the risk of problems and infection is significantly greater.

There are many benefits to wearing diapers – you just have to be open to embrace them and accept them – not stereotype and look down on.


Love your life. Love what God gave you. Embrace it. Accept it. And, make your life amazing.

Incontinence can be a life changing diagnosis. But, in the end if you allow yourself to accept it and embrace the diagnosis. You will find yourself in a whole new world that is filled with comfort, security, joy, fun, and a whole lot more.

So, don’t look at incontinence like a death sentence. It is far from it. Living with incontinence can be fun if you allow yourself. Love yourself and move on!