So I have been looking around trying to find something like this for adult diapers. I am sure that there is a possibility one like this could work, but I just have a feeling it would be too small and impractical. The more diapers that go into my trashcan the worse my house begins to smell at times. I just don’t understand why someone would not have come out with a “diaper genie” for adults, and if they have why I can’t seen to find it anywhere!

Diaper GenieIn case you don’t know what the diaper genie does, when you put the dirty diaper into the genie it bags it individually which causes the smell to stay in. I believe there are some that you just take the individual bags from there and discard them and even some that act as a trash can. I just think this would be a great idea! Is there anyone else besides me who would get great use out of this? Just something I was pondering….