I thought I would make a fun post today about what I consider 10 things or advantages to being a diaper lover.  A lot of people may look at the negatives behind being a diaper lover but I say that is garbage and here are my 10 advantages of being a diaper lover and what they can do for you:

  1. Relaxing in Diapers: There is something about diapers that acts as a relaxant.  Almost an diaper lover will tell you that there is nothing like putting on a diaper and lounging around the house.  It calms and comforts many people as it does me as well…even now.
  2. Convenience: The convenience of using a diaper is unmatched…in a tight spot and no bathroom around.  Well, you got a diaper on! No worries!
  3. Magical Crinkle: Everyone knows that sound of the diaper crinkle and many find it hard to describe why they like it so much but something about that crinkle brings calming and good memories back to many of us.
  4. Community: The diaper lover community is immense and many of the people in the community are very supportive and friendly.  It adds an extra social dynamic to your life with being able to connect with a whole other community with the same interests.
  5. Uniqueness: There are a lot of “groups” out there that have their own interests but there is just something about being a diaper lover that feels unique.  You feel there is something truly unique, different, and well better about yourself interest than most other people because of the uniqueness and difference in wearing diapers.
  6. Experience of a Diaper Change: Whether you change yourself or someone else changes your diaper – you must admit that the feeling of changing a diaper and getting in a fresh diaper is just indescribable.  It is truly an amazing feeling that I think a lot of people outside of the diaper lover community miss out on.
  7. Spice to Your Wardrobe: Diapers can surprisingly add a little spice to your wardrobe.  Many people like the little bulge that it adds to the back of their pants.  I personally think it adds something to some of my skirts and dresses because I not only like the look but it also makes me look like I got a little but more of a butt (flat butt alert over here).
  8. Harmless: Being a diaper lover is one of those interests that is harmless…you are not doing anything illegal, harmful, or bad to yourself which is always a positive.  There are many interests that require doing something harmful, illegal, etc…but not being a diaper lover.
  9. Always Something To Do: Are you bored? Nothing to do tonight? Diapers provide that extra dynamic that can spice up your night…strap on an adult diaper and immediately your interest is peaked.  Go to the mall and get that exhilaration of wearing a diaper in public.  It can always make a boring time into a more interesting time.
  10. Increase Self-Esteem and Confidence: By embracing being a diaper lover and being different it enables you to become more comfortable with yourself and feel more confident in yourself.  This in turn can raise your confidence level which is always important in this day and age.
Well, there you go – obviously there are a ton more advantages to being a diaper lover but I hope you at least enjoyed my fun little list here.  Feel free to add some more in the comments and if I get enough I will add a whole user submitted advantage page to being a diaper lover and we can see how many we can get.