Today Peter and I got in the mail some youth sized diapers that we had ordered. Now, Peter would not be able to fit in these but he thought that I may beevenable to and that they would be good for me. I usually like thicker diapers because it makes me feel more comfortable, but I decided i would try one today when I went into work. I should have known automatically that it would not be enough for me to use throughout the day but I somehow though it would be.  I went to work wearing it, even though it did end up fitting the first time In needed to use it i leaked straight down my leg within 5 minutes. 🙁 Not good… I went to change and found that the other one that Peter had put in my bag that i take to work was exactly the same. I was scared to use the diaper because I knew that was my last one so I went through the entire day holding using the diaper. I called Peter and he brought me a thicker diaper at lunch so that I would be able to use it without worrying. I just have to say they are good diapers (of which I have pictures)  but they do not hold enough for someone such as myself.

SO ready for this weekend….Only 2 more days!!! 🙂 HUGS!!!.

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  1. WillInTn July 23, 2008 at 11:05 pm - Reply

    Aww. I guess the wrong time to experiment is at work. I’m glad Peter was able to bring a replacement so easily. Another question then (as I know you read comments. 😉 ) – We know you have an office – does your desk or file cabinet have anywhere that you could store a bag of spare diapers – just in case? I mean, it is amazingly sweet of Peter to come to the rescue, but still? I keep a backpack in the car with a few spares that doesn’t leave the car (and doesn’t get used) as I like having something always available in a secondary location. I guess I worry too much about things sometimes. :p

    Also – 5 minutes of first use? Is that a record for worst diaper?

  2. perry August 23, 2008 at 7:18 am - Reply

    I myself have tryed pullups for boys 75lbs-110lbs, they fitted tightly ,held maybe2 bladder emptys then started leaking on the lower backside between my legs.They were very tight and to inconspicuious for me.Myself I like the humiliation that comes with knowing someone might know Im wereing DIAPERS thats why I like pooping in public .When I pooped the pullups as I walked in a public doller store the poop squisged under my balls and up the crack of my ass, the smell did seem to escape them quickly as I walked around the crowds exspecially women ,hopeing to get some kind of reaction from them,negitiveand humiliateing.A naughty diapered chamber slave in training like me deserves and accepts all humiliation.The more obvious my condition to females the mour submissive I feel to them .Exspecially If I feel they even sense the power over a submissive diapered male.

  3. BJ July 14, 2010 at 1:39 am - Reply

    You mentioned that you were afraid to use the diaper all day, just wondering does that mean you have some control over when you use your diaper? I have read your other posts saying that one is worse then the other (wetting/messing). So do you use your diaper for convenience sometimes?

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