Gosh, the weekends go so fast.  My weeks drag by and then finally it is the weekend and I feel like it just goes by so quickly and before I know it, its Monday again.  I guess one thing that would help is to get up a bit earlier instead of sleeping in.  I don’t like sleeping so late but I always feel so groggy in the morning and I just can’t make myself get out of the bed.  I will say though I have been doing better at going to sleep at an earlier time rather than staying up all hours of the night doing basically nothing.

I have also been exercising a lot lately and my muscles are really sore.  I wish I knew some tricks to help repair muscles and speed up muscle recovery because I keep feeling these muscle strain feelings in my body and I think it is from the increase in exercise I have been doing.  I have tried icing, ibuprofen, and stretching but can’t seem to get these little tinges and strains to go away.  I really don’t want to step away from exercising completely – I really just wish I knew some tricks or something to help my muscles repair themselves quicker and get better.  If there are any muscle enthusiasts, doctors, or really anyone who has some tricks or helpful tips for it I would really appreciate it..

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  1. Abortion Wannabe August 17, 2009 at 11:38 am - Reply

    Greetings. I have a very similar problem, as I began working at a gym two to three times a week back in May. I have found that taking yoga, while it may be painful at times during the stretching, is worth the pain in terms of long term benefits. I usually do yoga before each workout, and have scheduled my workouts to be just after the classes I take. It isn’t advanced, and there are only a few poses I absolutely cannot do like the inverted shoulder stand. I find that yoga allows the muscles to stretch and flex, and that I have a better and more fulfilling, not to mention rather less painful, workout. Since I do a lot of weight and cardio work, I usually end up hurting and exhausted, though it is worth it in the long run. Sorry to be so long winded, but I hope that helps. Yoga is definitely worth looking into, and if you are a member of a gym you can ask if they offer classes. If not, some places offer them at a fairly reasonable price, though private lessons are obviously much more expensive. Have a pleasant day.
    PS. If you would, please tell Peter that I’ve been checking his blog every few days and haven’t seen anything new since June 17. We are anxiously awaiting the next entry.

  2. andrew August 17, 2009 at 12:18 pm - Reply

    Swimming is a great exercise that is easy on the body. A sauna or a steam room after you are done is a good way for the tightness of the muscles to loosen up. Light stretching is always good.
    Did you start exercising a lot lately or have you been consistent with it. A lot of times a lot of exercising from a lay off is difficult on the body the first couple of times. If you get into a pattern of exercising your body should adjust I would imagine.

  3. Kyle August 17, 2009 at 6:27 pm - Reply


    Banana’s have potassium, and potassium is good for muscle recovery. drinking more water will also help flush out the lactic acid built up in your muscles, and keep stretching.

    If you go to a sports supplements store like GNC, they’ll have stuff there that will help with the recovery process. I use GNC Pro Performance® AMP Amplified Wheybolic Extreme 60™ (http://www.gnc.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3509954) which works really well for me. make sure if you take it though, you mix it with milk, otherwise if you use water it doesn’t taste as good. Just take like two or three scopes with about 12 oz. of milk/water about 30 minutes to an hour after your workout. But if protien shakes aren’t your style I’m sure they have somthing else that work just as good.

  4. HuggieBaby August 17, 2009 at 7:20 pm - Reply

    Hey Adrian, first time-long time. One thing I use for muscle recovery is just a basic amino acid supplement. They’re cheaper than most other supplements and work good for me, they basically help the tissue rebuild faster I believe. Great blog btw, you’ve helped me become more comfortable with being a DL and you’ve got some nice pictures haha.


  5. Keith August 18, 2009 at 1:32 am - Reply

    Remember watching the Olympics and after the swims and other strenuous events our athletes were given a hi-tech drink? Well, a nutrionist affiliated with the US program dropped a hint- the stuff is nearly the same as a good store-bought lowfat chocolate milk. Not chocolate drink, but milk. Check the ingredients- quite high in protein. I’ve found after a day of really busting it doing tree work, one or two of these relieves the tired muscle feeling. Cheaper than buying lots of supplements, and more tasty too! During heavy exercising, the best thing is just plain water. Oh, and as to ibuprofen- take some before a session- it will be just getting into your system when you’ve finished working out and will start relieving inflammation as it occurs. A top shelf Navy peridontist tipped me off to this. Keep at it, good luck!

  6. Andy August 18, 2009 at 2:34 am - Reply


    Sorry if this seems a silly question, but how do you get round needing to wear nappies and going swimming. Do you wear a special nappy for swimming, do you risk it without or do you not swim?

  7. wonderboy August 18, 2009 at 7:26 am - Reply

    hey there adrian

    i may or may not have been in the marine corps. and we may or may not have done A LOT of physical training. a few simple suggestions would be; stretch before and after your main workout, drink plenty of water before, during, and after your workout as well. they only way you are going to rid of those aches and pains is to work them out of you. pretty much, keep exercising and they will go away after a short time. i left out diet info, cuz it can vary greatly. assuming you work at least four times a week, and those workouts are hardcore, you should be able to eat bout anything, except fast food. and thats my two cents.

  8. Adrian August 18, 2009 at 8:09 am - Reply

    Andy: Yes, I do wear a swim diaper for adults/youth when swimming – if I plan to swim. If I don’t plan to swim a lot of times I will just wear a normal diaper either with or without my bathing suit over top of it.

    Thanks everyone for the advice – keep the advice coming if anyone else has any other helpful tricks.

  9. Nick August 18, 2009 at 9:13 am - Reply


    Sorry to pry but what brand and type of swim diaper is it? I have tried a vew types and most I didn’t feel comfortable wearing. Maybe you could link us to the one you use?

    As others have said, protein plays a major role in helping your muscels rebuild after exherting yourself. This of exersise as breaking down the muscels and the protein helps fuel the rebuilding. Without a proper intake of protein you’re going to be left feeling very sore no matter how often you exercise.

  10. northcarolinadl August 18, 2009 at 10:01 am - Reply

    you have a adult swim diaper? where do you get one? the only ones i have ever seen are the baby sized ones.

    also i would have to say just keep swimming just keep swimming it will do wonders for a work out. i honestly say add the water to any work out be it one with weights swimming, running, anything it adds more to the work out and i think i gt a better all around work out.

  11. wettie August 18, 2009 at 2:22 pm - Reply

    Try to eat high protein and low fat. For example chicken meat, low fat joghurt or milk, tofu… And drink enogh water and fruit juice (the high quality or fresh made ones, wich still contain the vitamins).

  12. Christpher August 18, 2009 at 3:43 pm - Reply

    Alright you ready for the true secret?

    No joke they forced it down our throats while i was at Basic training for the Air Force. Trust me just add some into your 3 meals each day and you will feel like a god. It helps so much in muscle recovery and it will help keep you going at the gym while your working out and getting that sexy bod that every one wishes that they had. lol but for some reason half of us just never get >.< 8.5 weeks at BMT and i was still really skinny and weak looking but holy crap was i a lot stronger.

  13. Andy August 20, 2009 at 5:57 am - Reply

    Adrain – Do you get any comments made when you swim? I would have thought your diaper would be much more obvious , particularly if you don’t wear a swim suit over the top on occasions, and children being the evil beings that they are would pass some sort of comment.

  14. Adrian August 20, 2009 at 9:03 am - Reply

    I try to choose what I wear specifically to the scene I will be in. For example, a beach area not filled with too many people – I would be more apt to just wear the swim diaper by itself. But, something like a pool – I would wear a swim diaper underneath board shorts most likely in order to at least be respectful of those around me. I don’t parade around everywhere in a swim diaper.

    Also I wear Gabby’s Adult Swim Diapers for those who are curious what type I wear. They are velcro. Here is the link to them: http://www.gabbys.net/zencart/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=21_14&products_id=1

  15. Andy August 22, 2009 at 3:33 am - Reply


    I see how it is a little easier to keep discreat, it isn’t as bulgy as a normal nappy. I am not sure I would have the courage to go swimming in a nappy, I have only just managed to get up the courage to go out into the public with every possibly mewp_e to cover up my diaper. Even then I am constantly looking around for anyone that may notice. As yet I don’t think anyone has but as a lot of people have said, if they do, most are too polite to mention anything. I think my land lord has found out as he comes into my flat to clean for me and I accidentaly left a clean diaper on the bedside table, but he hasn’t said anything to me or treated me differently. Feels good. Unfortunately I don’t earn much so I can’t afford nappies very often so I haven’t worn any for three weeks, can’t wait till pay day when I can get some more. I miss the feeling of wearing a diaper and I get so excited when it gets near pay day. But then there is the agonising wait for my nappies to come in the post as there aren’t any shops I can buy them from. Roll on payday.

  16. cuchitona August 31, 2009 at 6:47 pm - Reply

    Hi, nice web!!

    Well i have read your post and i think i can help you on focusing your problem. The after sport muscle pain is because de muscle uses all your glycogen inside it and as result of biochemical reaction where the oxigen does not takes place, we got lactic acid, the lactid acid molecule agregates with other and oher making lactid acid crystals like niddles or solid sparks inside de muscle cell. Sum up every cell of the muscle and a lot muscles at the same time and you got a lot of pain. there are two ways of resolving this: Hi-tech beverages, not really cheap or the old way: Streching, 45 or more of moderate sport (this gives the body time to start the aerobic mechanism, i mean, to transform the fat acid into heat in presence of oxigen resulting in water, CO2 and heat, with no remanent pain) so what we need is to disolve the crystals, is very old recommendation but it helps ocasional sport: water with sugar and drinkiable sodium bicarbonate ( usually used as treatment of gastric ulcer) 1 dessert spoon/glass (just 1 glass). The best way avoiding this problem: streching, heat, a slow progression of the sport activity.

    Hope it help you. Cheers

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