If you are interested in having a blog of your own then let me know.  I am offering free hosting to anyone who wants a wordpress blog.  I think this is an exclusive opportunity for all ABDLs to be able to express who they are and keep track of their day to day diaper lives with a blog.  Just go to the contact me page and let me know you are interested – leave your Yahoo IM or AIM so that I can get back with you in the message.

Look forward to hearing from everyone!

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  1. Boobear February 13, 2008 at 6:19 am - Reply

    Well nice offer I apreciate it. how ever I do not have the will power to do what you do. I could only wish that I could go 24/7 with no worries.How ever I do hope and pray that you are well taken care of as a DL. By the way enjoy the stories. Oh how did those goodnights turn out. Looking forward to your adventures with them.

    Peace N god bless

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