The other day I browsing various ABDL sites and started to think that the marketing for ABDL products really is a unique situation. The type of products that ABDLs want such as Bambino Diapers, ABUniverse, etc  are not exactly able to be just plastered all over the internet on various marketing networks. The promotion of products is not able to be disseminated to the entire public but instead has to be directed at the niche that is adult babies, diaper lovers, littles, etc.

This little fact is important to remember for future and current ABDL product marketers because where many businesses can hire marketing companies and consultants to help advertise their products to the public. This does not really work in my opinion in this type of community. The ABDL community is huge and I mean huge in my opinion and just based on facts. And, the key to marketing to those in the community is probably pretty difficult because most of these ABDL users congregate on a select number of sites across the internet.

The big sites in the adult baby and diaper lover community are fairly unique and where a lot of the traffic is congregated. The big players obviously want those spots. But, the little companies or up and coming companies need to be able to advertise there as well because that is the only way these companies are going to be successful.

Companies can only do so much advertising on Google Ads, Facebook, Twitter, etc. But, these are ancillary if a company is going to truly be successful in the short and long term. Niche communities like adult babies, diapers lovers, transgenders, littles, etc are unique and are conglomerated into main sites on the internet.

Companies can not really do direct advertising within the community or what not because there products really don’t mesh with the general public.

My advice is to companies out there looking to promote ABDL products – you need to make the investment or at least seek out the popular ABDL sites out there and try and advertise there. Also, other methods would be try to work with popular people in the community to get them to support/promote/what not your product because a lot of things in the ABDL community are word of mouth and what not as well.

The ABDL community is not made up of the majority of rich people in my opinion so these companies are asking their customers to spend a good amount of money on their product then they need backing from popular sites, people, word of mouth, etc. It is just the way things work in niche communities like this.

It can make it hard for companies to promote if they are not willing to go out on a limb and invest in the community like that. Advertising is difficult in niche communities but ABDLs are dying for great and new products. But, these companies need to make sure that they realize this and set their advertising platform and focus up in this way.

Just my opinion for the up and coming and even current companies that provide products geared toward the adult baby and diaper lover community. This can even apply to other niche community advertisers as well.

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  1. Jason September 12, 2013 at 10:06 pm - Reply

    The only problem I see is that most of the diapers aren’t sold in stores, that I would have to order online. That’s fine if you have an online account with the online store, but otherwise, you’re SOL.

  2. Nick September 12, 2013 at 10:22 pm - Reply

    The big name sites that cater to incontinence can easily advertise online. You see that they drop re-targeting cookies on your browser when you visit their sites. Later when you’re browsing the internet and a site has a re-targeting banner in an ad space you’re likely to see ad for the site. It really only works if you have already been to their site.

    I think the ABDL side of the community is too closely related to or associated with porn. Most advertising networks have rules against this type of ad and you can’t make it in to places like Google AdWords or Microsoft AdCenter to advertise. That leaves you either going to an adult friendly ad network for people to run your ads (probably on porn related sites) or you need to buy advertising on the more popular ABDL sites.

    There is great power in social media but the biggest down side to the community is who wants to share with all of their Facebook friends or Twitter followers that they just bought a case of adult diapers? Or that they were excited about a new adult pacifier? Most people don’t want the world to know about their inner child or be mis-labeled as something that they’re not.

    These types of niche markets are tough to crack!

    • Jason September 12, 2013 at 10:29 pm - Reply

      I’ve never considered myself an AB or DL, although if someone wants to play, I’d be willing to play along. Nor am I medically incontinent.

  3. Lee Farmer September 13, 2013 at 1:45 am - Reply

    Just to add to all of the previous the bigger companies aim that it is for incontinence or for your disabilities child wich is were I find a lot of the stuff that I need that no one else carries….

    • Jason September 13, 2013 at 3:34 am - Reply

      I’m what some people consider developmentally disabled. I learn things later than most people. Toilet training was one of the things that came later for me than for most children. I’m now 40 yrs old and I still have wetting issues, although not as bad as when I was 2.

  4. Ellyn September 13, 2013 at 11:08 am - Reply

    I guess I’m becoming a “regular” here? My forth post.
    I read the interesting post regarding advertising on sites related to ABDL interests and began to think about who I am and why I’m here (this site) and other related sites. Understanding this about myself is obviously important to me, but also to companies desiring to market their products to me and those like me.

    > First, let me say that I’m incontinent. I have been unable to control urine leakage for most of my life. I wear diapers, pads, and the like to maintain personal cleanliness and to be socially acceptable in a world that doesn’t tolerate incontinent adults.
    > I am in no way an Adult Baby, though I enjoy cuddling by my hubby. I do not play Daddy / Baby games, and never have.
    > I do not consider myself a Diaper Lover as I wear diapers out of necessity, not desire. That’s not to say that I hate the fact that I must wear a diaper, but only that diapers are a normal part of my life and I accepted them long ago. I use the diaper for urinary leakage only, though I also use the bathroom like everyone else when I feel the need. I never soil my diaper for “fun”, laziness, or otherwise occupied. I don’t enjoy the feel of a damp or soggy diaper, though due to the fact that I usually leak quite often, a damp diaper is usually unavoidable. I change my diaper in the morning after my shower and 2-3 times during the day when I feel uncomfortable.
    > I’m very fortunate to have a husband and family that has accepts me for who I am, diaper and all, and from the beginning. He will help me with my diaper sometimes, but not from the AB point of view. He will share in laundry tasks when needed and even folds and puts them away!
    > Wearing a diaper has not been (and is not) a hassle in my life, as some might expect, but more of an inconvenience at times. There are times when wearing a diaper is actually convenient, as noted in one of Adrian’s recent articles. There are also times when wearing a diaper can be fun…
    > I found and frequent this site due to the blog and articles. I do not have access to the photos, nor am I interested in seeing photos of diapered men or women. I have also joined in blogs and forums from other sites, but quite often have been bothered by those that want to get photos of me or engage in sexual discussions… > I enjoy Adrian’s or guest’s views on most subjects, and find most entertaining and informative. I find that reading serious blogs and sharing my feelings about certain subjects helps me cope with some things in my life that sometimes get me down.

    What does this all mean to the advertisers desiring to sell me their wares? First, they must offer to sell me what I need in a way that doesn’t offend me. They must sell me their products at a reasonable cost, products must get to me when promised, and the quality must be excellent.
    I have been purchasing most diaper products from and have yet to be disappointed. On my last order, the shipment of overnight weight diapers and plastic pants were lost in shipment as the UPS delivery date was way past due. I sent an e-mail to ACD explaining the problem, and a replacement order was shipped out that day, 2nd day delivery. They took care of all UPS claim reports, etc. There are other sites that I have purchased diaper supplies from in the past, but none as good (in my opinion) as ACD.
    In order to find the best sites to acquire my supplies, I must do a lot of internet searching. It’s not like going to the mall to get what I need as they simply don’t carry them. Even when it comes to disposables, the local drug stores generally carry only the cheap and low quality products. Sometimes I can go to medical supply stores where they sell wheelchairs and such, and actually buy a medium quality diaper like Attends, but nowhere can I purchase a quality diaper locally. It’s said that there are a HUIGE number of people dealing with incontinence, which is why the drug stores have an entire isle dedicated to adult diaper supplies, but again, only the low quality brands. It seems to me that the quality suppliers could do a MUCH better job marketing goods to CVS, Walgreens, and the like.
    One more issue… I’m a middle age, married non-ABDL woman who has to wear diapers. I don’t want nursery themes on the front of the diaper or teddy bears on my plastic pants. By the same token, I’m getting tired of the clear pants that I wear over cloth diapers, or the colored pants that are generally thinner plastic that don’t hold up well. It seems that there are no thicker plastic (high quality) pants in anything but clear, or none that I’ve found. What I would like to buy are high quality plastic or plastic lined pants that are different… something that makes me feel more feminine. Also wouldn’t it be nice to be able to buy a pair of pants that aren’t plastic, but instead the same type of waterproof, breath-able fabric that the cloth cover disposable’s are made from, but washable? Wouldn’t it also be nice if these pants stretched somewhat to fit over the cloth diaper and didn’t “balloon” like non-stretchable plastic pants? Even better, what if these pants were available in satin or other materials that were pleasant to look at? if there are as many people out there who wear diapers out of necessity as said to be, wouldn’t it be nice to cater to these people better and for these people to be accepted socially instead of being subject to ridicule? I guess it’s the slow, small steps of change that make it past the “finish line”.

    • Jason September 13, 2013 at 11:42 am - Reply

      Hey Ellyn. I can relate to what you’re talking about. I’ve never had very good control over my bladder or bowel.

  5. Geoffrey September 13, 2013 at 12:27 pm - Reply

    Over the years I’ve noticed a certain amount of wink-wink, nod-nod, say-no-more on the larger websites that sell incontinence products. Their text and often their name itself involves references to “medical”…but they know there are people coming to their site who aren’t dealing with any physical incontinence, and they’re happy to take that money too.

    And honestly? Sometimes that’s useful. I appreciate that they can make it easy for me to buy, say, Abenas without ever having to register at or pay money to a site that’s more explicitly erotic or fetishized. (The “discreet delivery” services that nearly all of them offer is another big perk, and again, works just as well or even better for diaper lovers as it does for the medically incontinent.)

    On the downside, as a commenter noted above, they do drop cookies, and that means I’ll have ads for Abenas floating on the sidebars of just about any site I visit. Potentially awkward, if someone’s looking over your shoulder as you browse the web!

    • Jason September 13, 2013 at 12:30 pm - Reply

      It can be, particularly if you’re not an AB or DL, but you need to wear diapers for incontinence, etc.

  6. KalaniDL September 15, 2013 at 3:14 am - Reply

    I too have had some trouble finding sites that cater to our lifestyle. The one site where ive had the most variety is Ebay. Ive found good things and when im patient, ive put a bid on stuff and hot things at a great deal.

  7. Drew November 9, 2013 at 5:55 pm - Reply

    I know this is old but I just discovered this site and I felt I had to write a comment on this topic.

    My big problem with the diaper companies like Bambino (Yeah I know they’re owned by whoever makes Secure Plus) is that they fail to acknowledge skinny people like me. I would love to give them my money but if they’re not going to make products that will fit people like me then I’m not interested. They seem like a nice company that makes quality products but they only seem to cater towards people much bigger than me. That said though if a company like ABU were to make size smalls of their products, would I buy them? No, because after reading about them and how they support sketchy sites I could never buy one of their products.

    I agree about how most of these companies products are very pricy and they don’t even make products in my size. If they lowered some of their prices and made size smalls I’d be more inclined to buy. I do wonder why though diapers here in the US are almost always significantly lower quality than the European or Asian products. Why Tena doesn’t sell the same products to both Europe and the United States is quite puzzling.

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  9. Steve September 4, 2016 at 1:50 pm - Reply

    The price of some could be decreased buying 2 or 4 or more seems increasing unfair plus an oppotunity to
    Buy Adult size potties

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