Remembering the vintage diapers makes me sad. As you can see in the video below how thick and nice these diapers were. They had that nice outer plastic layer that were so nice. I probably would not fit in the baby sized diapers but possibly. I guess whoever made this video is just keeping them to look at? Who knows. But check out the video below:

They sure do have that nice “vintagey” look don’t they!.

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  1. Superbaby January 23, 2008 at 6:45 pm - Reply

    Before he showed the adult diaper, the vintage baby diaper looked pretty big huh? WOW…is that what they used to look like? Its been a while since ive seen one of them. Ahh…those were the days.

  2. mr. J June 20, 2012 at 3:50 pm - Reply

    I really get nostalgic for the plastic backs! I know that the companies don’t make them like that anymore, but Walgreens used to have the crinkly plastic backed adult diapers back in the late 1990’s. After that, I discovered a packet of 3-4 plastic backed baby diapers sold at a dollar store. Then another dollar store closer to us sold Cuddsies, which were 100% plastic backed, and they were perfect, and I bought them whenever I could costing about $1.00 for 3 packs. Sometimes I donated them to a church. But one day, after donating some packets of Cuddsies to the church, the lady who accepts the donation had started to question me about the diapers I have been donating. “Where are you getting these from?” She asked, since she wanted to know. Fearful of losing this great product, but can’t lie in church I had told her from the local dollar store in the shopping center down the road. It was a big loss for me as the next time I went to that dollar store, they didn’t sell them anymore, and they told me that someone had come in and bought them all. I had e-mailed the church figuring it was the lady who questioned me about the diapers, who bought them all. She replied to me telling me no. Well it was a big loss, as I rarely come across a package of Cuddsies in a dollar store, but I always looked with hope and anticipation. I guess that everyone these days are nostalgic over these things just as much as I am. I had checked the internet for info on how to order them, there’s a company called Ali Baba that sells them , unfortunately, in order to buy from them, you have to own a $1.00 store and be in business, as they don’t sell their products to individuals.

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