I apologize for not posting before today, again what started as a relaxing weekend turned out bad because we had to leave and go out of town until this afternoon. I know that family is important but i cannot even begin to explain how much it takes out of me for Peter and I to go out of town and not get back till right before another stressful week of work begins. I am just trying to calm down and make the most of what is left of this Sunday, life just gets way too stressful sometimes and Peter and I don’t even have children yet!

Anyways I did get a small question from a reader about Peter and his messy diapers. They wanted to know how I checked Peter and what he did until I checked him. Peter and I try to check each other about every 5-10 minutes or so and that makes it easier because when he does messy, or when I have poopy diaper, then it is easier to clean up.  So usually peter doesn’t have to sit in his messy diaper very long before I am in there cleaning it and getting him in a nice fresh diaper. Hope this answers the question!

More later… Hugs!.

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  1. Amy June 1, 2008 at 10:36 pm - Reply

    I just finished reading all of your posts and I have to tell you that you are very brave for posting about your life on-line. I look highly to that.
    I have a few questions for you. When you and Peter check each other with friends around, do they treat you differently?
    And are you and Peter planning on having kids? If so do you plan on potty training them?

  2. lynn king June 1, 2008 at 11:52 pm - Reply

    well that real good u 2 check each other regurally cut down on chances of getting diaper rashes

  3. rita November 20, 2008 at 8:20 pm - Reply

    can you and peter tell eachother that you have a mess in your pants, why do you have to check eachother all the time if you feel it in your diaper. thanks fora all of the good posts i think that is awsome you share things like this keep clean and dry happy diapering good luck

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