Alrighty so I don’t know what to post about so I thought I would put a reader poll and see what kinds of readers are out there and learn a little bit about you all:

1) What are you favorite type of diapers and why?
2) Why do you love diapers?
3) When did you begin to wear diapers? Age?
4) Does anyone know about your love of diapers?
5) How often do you wear? 24/7? when you’re at home?

I’ll go ahead and answer these to get the ball rolling…

1) I’d have to say Attends probably because that is what I wear the most and what I have the most of!
2) I love diapers for so many reasons but mostly because of the comfort and protection I feel when I wear me they are the greatest things in the entire world!! They are part of me so in a way they make me who I am!
3) I began wearing for medical reasons when I was very young
4) Those who are close to me and those who I trust know
5) I wear (as you all already know) 24/7…always have and Always will! 🙂

Alright..back to work for me! Hugs!!.

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  1. Dred Lily April 14, 2008 at 11:24 am - Reply

    1) Bambino and Abenas, their thickness and comfortability keep me coming back ^_^
    2) Why do you love diapers?They feel right for me. I feel more able to go out into the world, know that I have something to protect me.
    3) I got my first chance from a friend in new york, as they had sent me a sample pack of Abena diapers. I started wearing about three years ago, so around 16 or so.
    4) Some of my friends do know, and think it’s cute -///- My parents found out before, and thought it was purely fetish based, and thought it was sick and wrong. And they have yet to understand that it’s more of an emotional comfort than anything else.
    5) I usually wear when I can at home and when I’m out, though at the moment I’m sorta out of em ^_^() eh heh

  2. ash April 14, 2008 at 4:19 pm - Reply

    1. tena slip/molicare.
    2. they are soft bulky and comfy.
    3.age 13. went to special school for kid with disabilities other kids wore them and i wondered what they’d feel lik- rather snug i’ve since discovered!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    4. friends in fetish scene. parents know but don’t approve except for the odd occasion i need ’em for incontinence.
    5. every few days. only for short =periods. some sat mornings i wake early put a nappy on and go big to sleep in my nice snug bed!!!!!!!!!

  3. lynn king April 14, 2008 at 7:28 pm - Reply

    1. abena nand attends . because they fill so so comftty
    2. becsus r i love the warthm of them and the crinkle sound of them
    3at 9 my momm u sr to babysitt all of the time
    4some close friends
    5 yes i wear 24/7 now

  4. AKbound April 14, 2008 at 7:36 pm - Reply

    1) Pocket and AIO Cloth Diapers, followed by Molicare Super Plus and lastly a tie right now between Assurance and this medical brand I found up here in Alaska. I got hooked on cloth diapers after we started to put our two sons in Cloth instead of disposables. I found out they made diapers other then prefolds and fitteds that required plastic pants and fell in love with them. They are just as easy to use as disposables, but they are thicker, softer and I can get them in any pattern’s I want!
    2)At this point, comfort…I don’t really know why I do, but I think it has something to do with being jealous of my little cousin as a kid and the relationship her and her brother had with their parents as compared to my parents failed relationship.
    3)I think I was probably around 7 or so, so for about 20 years now.
    4)My wife knows, as she wears from time to time also. My mother knew before she passed away. My sister knows and a few friends here and there know about it.
    5) I wish I could wear 24/7…but I don’t get that chance really so I have to go with when I can. Sometimes I sneak em to work, but normally around the house or just out and about. Guess you could say…any chance I get I will, but not normally at work.

  5. Jeff April 14, 2008 at 7:43 pm - Reply

    1) What are you favorite type of diapers and why?

    Just found out about Depends Adjustables. Not for me – I don’t wear diapers. For my gf. She has nerve damage to her anus and is mostly bowel incontinent. She can only control it once she feels it on her butt cheeks as it’s coming out – and that’s too late, of course. She can clench her cheeks and control it for a few minutes, but she needs to be close to a bathroom – so she’s typically in diapers 24×7.

    The one thing that a lot of people here don’t seem to say is that they enjoy diapers for sexual reasons. My gf has grown to love them for that reason – a case of you better like ’em or you’ll go crazy with embarrassment ot shame. Better to wave that freak flag. Personally, it turns me on to see her poop in her panties or a diaper. She’s not weirded out by it anymore.

    2) Why do you love diapers?

    Don’t know. I guess I like the helplessness of it all – I like being the Daddy. I spank, change, and take care of her in all the “normal” ways, as well. It’s just our thing.

    3) When did you begin to wear diapers? Age?

    For her part, she started around 12, I think. She’s told me a few different ages, so I’m not sure anymore.

    4) Does anyone know about your love of diapers?

    Her family knows, and her close friends know. None of my friends know her condition. She can hide it fairly well. She controls her eating schedule and exercise schedule, so she can regulate her pooping fairly well – though it usually means a full poopy diaper every morning when she gets up.

    5) How often do you wear? 24/7? when you’re at home?

    She wears most of the time at home, but she also – for me – will wear white nylon full cut “granny” panties for me aroung the house, and will sometimes poop them for me if it’s later at night. It’s a huge turn-on for me.

    I/we are NOT into anything gross – no “scat” play. Poop remains and belongs in her panties or diaper. I wish more women would let themselves go a bit more. At least talk about it more and not keep it so taboo. What’s the difference whether it’s pee or poop in your diaper? OR both. It’s all the same to me.

  6. sheluvs2Bwet April 14, 2008 at 9:56 pm - Reply

    1) What are you favorite type of diapers and why?
    Molicare “T” style; Tranquility ATN’s. I also use a Serenity “Ultra” pad in them as a booster. The reasons are that they cover my panties and hold a lot of pee.
    2) Why do you love diapers?
    Actually, I’m a “panty wetter”. I love, as my “nick” states, to be wet… and also warm. When I wear a diaper over my panties I can be wet and warm and no one knows and can do it all year round. I actually love to be in situations, in public, where I’m talking to someone and let a big gush of pee out. Sometimes I find myself smiling when I do it and have even been asked why I was smiling. 🙂
    3) When did you begin to wear diapers? Age?
    I’ve dabbled with them ever since they started making adult disposable diapers so I guess it’s been since the early 80’s. But I started wearing fairly regularly about 7 or 8 years ago.
    4) Does anyone know about your love of diapers?
    In the RW… no, not presently. If anybody suspects they haven’t let me know about it.
    5) How often do you wear? 24/7? when you’re at home?
    Two to four times a week. Even though I wear them out in public without fear, I’ve not been working on a regular basis for over a year now and have just been primarily wearing around the house on the days I’m not working. I like to be able to walk around in just my diaper (with panties underneath) and I can only do that at home.

  7. Angela Bauer April 15, 2008 at 11:45 am - Reply

    1. I grew up in pinned classic Curity 21×40″ flat gauze diapers with Gerber vinyl baby panties. So, today at home I prefer pinned Adult Cloth Diaper Co (ACD) 2-ply 36″ square gauze with Gerber Birdseye baby prefold as soaker and Babykins soft vinyl A10300V pull-on panties. Days when I am working mostly I use slip-in pads which I make by removing the side flaps from Pampers Cruisers size 4. When I cannot be sure of a day change every 3 hours I wear Attends breathable Small because they have a soft and flexible cloth-like outer shell and really good repositionable Velcro tabs. If I am feeling sick at night and need a disposable for bed I prefer Attends Youth Briefs because they have the retro poly plastic shell and sticky tapes. These work best in bed because the poly slides over the sheets and does not cling.

    2. For real I am bladder incontinent, so when I was 26 I concluded I might as well have some fun with my diapers by playing AB. I also find that diapers are comforting and convenient, but they also can be a royal pain.

    3. I was born with a tint bladder into a family in which all the women lost bladder control at puberty. It was the family tradition us gals wore diapers on trips and special events. Sure enough at puberty when I was 12 I lost my bed control and returned to wearing diapers to bed. Then at 21 I also lost what was left of my day control. I have been in some sort of diaper 24/7 since 1985. I only started using AB as a coping strategy in late 1990.

    4. My entire family and many of my friends, co-workers and even clients know I am incontinent. I am more selective who knows about my AB as a coping strategy. However, since my photos in diapers are all over the internet and I was on Montel Williams Show in diapers talking about AB, this is hardly a top secret.

    5. I always wear some form of absorbent protection. Most days I can use disposable pads inside snug knit cottom panties. I am at my law office right now and will be wearing a slip-in pad this afternoon in Court. At home I prefer pinned gauze diapers.

  8. susan j June 26, 2008 at 10:45 am - Reply

    I have been interested since grammar school, when a girl friend I knew wore them. I was always curious. Finally,I tried them and have been in love with them ever since. I will waer 24/7 for weeks at a time, and then go off for a while. I do enjoy the restriction, the bulk, and the control they have over me.

  9. Mark Wilson June 23, 2009 at 3:46 am - Reply

    1) What are you favorite type of diapers and why? I wear cloth diapers and plastic pants all the time. I wear pull-on diapers during the day and gauze pin-on diapers at night. My skin stays healthier when I use cloth diapers.
    2) Why do you love diapers? I love the security, freedom and comfort of wearing diapers.
    3) When did you begin to wear diapers? Age? I became incontinent when I was about twenty-seven, and started wearing them then.
    4) Does anyone know about your love of diapers? No one knows that I love wearing diapers.
    5) How often do you wear? 24/7? when you’re at home? I almost always have a diaper on at home. I always have a diaper on away from home.

  10. Sarah August 13, 2011 at 4:25 am - Reply

    1) What are you favorite type of diapers and why? I like pull-ups because they’re thin and easy to change.

    2) Why do you love diapers? They give me comfort and security.

    3) When did you begin to wear diapers? Age? I’m 27 ,but I gained an intrest when i
    was 19.

    4) Does anyone know about your love of diapers? My boyfriend and my friends know.

    5) How often do you wear? 24/7? when you’re at home? I almost wear them 24/7 ,but I don’t during work, so almost.

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