I experimented with something new this past weekend.  I am one who is very prone to  diaper rash and irritation on the sides of my legs. Anyways, I have used oil in the past but it gets all over my hands and after I finished putting on my diaper it has gotten on the tapes and is no longer sticking to many anymore. So….I went on a search this past weekend to find something new!

While I was shopping around at Target, I found this oil gel from Johnson and Johnson and I was wondering if anyone has ever had experience with this type of product.  I tried to use it this morning and even though I still had to wash my hands after I put it on it does seem to be working! It was also very smooth feeling when I put it on and didn’t seem to get everywhere! Needless to say, I am very impressed with this product and was just wondering what anyone else thought! Or, if you know something else that works just as well!

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  1. Randy January 29, 2008 at 5:13 pm - Reply

    The gel baby oil you’ve noted has actually been around for at least 5 years now. In fact, knock-offs of it can be found in many dollar stores now. In addition to the regular scented gel baby oil by J&J, they also (I think) have a lavender scented variety as well.

    As for me, I’ve had it applied to me in the past, (I’m a huge baby lotion user and prefer it over anything else) but if I had to choose between gel and non-gel baby oil being applied, I’m going to go with the non-gel. I like the instant satisfaction of the feeling regular baby oil has…the gel seems to take a while to “melt” into traditional baby oil. BTW, if we are talking baby oil, do try J&J’s Creamy Baby Oil. OMG..that stuff is paradise in a bottle for me!

    Another product along lines of gel baby oil is J&J’s “Bedtime Touch” Massage Gel…very similar to gel baby oil, with a lavender scent. I’m not sure if it’s available anymore, as Walgreen’s (here in Rhode Island) recently clearanced out their inventory of it, but drugstore.com might still have it available at their online sales sight.

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