I wanted to post to talk about some negative feedback that I have been receiving regarding my blog. When I first started it the point of it was simply to just talk about my every day life as a diaper wearer, exciting or not. I didn’t want to be over dramatic I just wanted to me and tell people just what I went through each day, and I am sure that some days are better than others. However, due to some feedback that I have been receiving lately I feel as though I am not living up to the expectations of many of my readers and want your feedback to know what I am doing wrong. Please do not post “I want to see more pictures” or such like that because I honestly want to know what you would like to hear me write about! I know I am not anything out of the ordinary but I do care about my readers and want to keep them coming back and stay in contact with me.

Well im about ready to get into bed since tomorrow starts a new week. I hope everyone is doing well! Hugs!.

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  1. mholtebeck May 18, 2008 at 9:56 pm - Reply

    I hope the selfish people who are just wanting more don’t get you down. I really look forward to insights and just telling about your life. I know that every time I see you have a post I look at it straight away, and when you miss days I find myself wondering what is going on.
    As far as what people want, this is your blog. I know how hard it is to write something every day, so you have to do what feels right to you. Please just keep doing what your doing (I want to be able to make fun of the gators in the fall).

  2. Matt May 18, 2008 at 10:11 pm - Reply

    I like your blog just as it is. I like that it isn’t so hard-core into the fetish; if your readers want that, there are plenty of other places they can go. I keep coming back because I really enjoy reading the blog of a normal person. Don’t change things just to boost your audience count because that isn’t fair to those of us who come here for what you do already. You won’t please everyone, Stacey, so don’t stress yourself over trying to do so.

    Keep things as they are, stay unique, and do what comes naturally! Keep up the good work!

  3. lynn king May 19, 2008 at 3:33 am - Reply

    stacey , keep your blog the way it is hun . dont worry about what other people thin

  4. Jane May 19, 2008 at 11:00 am - Reply

    Personally, I come here every day looking for the post of the day, but I have to admit that it’s, well… typically not all that exciting. To me, the allure of a site like this is not just to hear about someone’s everyday life of watching TV and ordering pizza; it’s about DIAPERS – that’s the interesting part. And, to be more frank, what it’s like to live 24×7 in diapers – the challenges; the turn-ons; the ‘feeling’ of walking and talking through your life while wearing a wet/messy diaper. What’s in like to be looking someone in the eye when you have a firm load in the seat of your diaper? What’s it feel like to sit in it for a few hours while waiting to get home and change? How does your partner like changing messy diapers, (wet diapers are not that big an embarrassment)? How do you feel about being changed by your partner? Did it take you a while before you becamse less embarrassed about hi/her changing your messy diaper? How do you feel abnout chaning their messy diaper? Again, changing a wet diaper is not exactly traumatic at all. Do you wear a diaper to the dentist? To the doctors? Have you been “caught” wearing a diaper by people you know didn’t know you wore one, and what was their reaction- and what was yours? How much control do you have over wetting or messing your diaper? Have you ever been standing talking to someone and suddenly realized you had pooped in your diaper – just by the sagging and the warmth?

    As you can see, there are LOTS of great topics that make THIS site – or could make this site – VERY interesting. Right now it’s just really not that… exciting. And you have an audience here that WANTS to know these things. It’;s not that it’s “tittilating”, it’s that it’s hugely INTERESTING to see how you and Peter live your lives in diapers, OUTSIDE of the very obvious “went to the mall” kind of stuff, unless you talk how going to the mall and how you wet or messed your diaper while there and how it affected your time there. You just need to describe more – describe your feelings at the moment; describe how your diaper feels at any particular time – “heavy” “sahhy” warm, then cold heavy load in the seat”. How it feels to sit in a poopy diaper, etc.

    You have a VERY unique opportunity here to make this a truly fadcinating, interesting AND – sorry – EROTIC site. Don’t think for a mi nute that people aren’t coming here at least partially becauser it turns them on to be a voyeur in your diaper-using/wearing life.

    Good luck. I think if you take the advice here and focus on what your audience REALLY wants – and not just the sycophantic people here who just tell you everything’s fine as it is because they think that’s what you want to hear – then you will find yourself HUGELY successful – I promise you. You have a great feeling of REALISM here – you’re not some whacky weird people; you’re normal college-age people enjoying a lifestylew without making it too weird. But, you have to be more tuned in to what people want. We want to know what its like to USE your diaper 24×7. Not just “wear” it. We know what that’s like.

    Good luck to you both!!

  5. AKbound May 19, 2008 at 8:14 pm - Reply

    Can’t agree more, can’t say it enough. I come here, more then any other site now, just because it’s a normal person, doing normal things. You hardly have any pictures on the site, there are no major link list, or stories or anything else of that nature, yet you are by far the only site I have subscribed to RSS feeds too, the only one I post on more then any where else, and the only one I pay this much attention to. Even though your site may have little to offer in the way of physical content, your site has so much more to offer in the way of meaningful content! I enjoy reading the simple things. Not some outlandish tales, or over the top post. It’s just someone no different then me, or my wife being themselves. It’s not all about porn, and graphic images, but more like a blog and that’s the way it should stay! The only thing I wish I could see more of on here, are images. Doesn’t always have to be you or Peter, but maybe images from your day. The whole…a picture is worth a thousand words! Otherwise…keep up the great work and i’ll keep on coming back!

  6. Kevinnzcd May 20, 2008 at 4:54 pm - Reply


    This is first day I found your blog and I love it just the way it is. Its about a real person, who just happens to love wearing and using diapers, just living their life. One thing I have learned over the years is that a lot of people want to live their lives thru other people or will say what others do is wrong if not done exactly like they do it. Do what you are doing and dont change for anyone other than yourself 🙂

  7. Tuxtype May 22, 2008 at 12:32 pm - Reply

    I agree with Jane though I also notice that, despite the presence of a “contact me” form to ask a question, it is not given much attention.

    When I came across this blog I was interested to see someone openly sharing her life experience with how to deal with incontinence and daily diaper wearing.

    This is therefore a good source of information for others, however when certain questions about how to cope / handle with certain situations remain unanswered, this might leave some readers in the dark.

  8. Heven May 22, 2008 at 9:11 pm - Reply

    Hi Stacy,

    I know it can be tempting to try to please everyone, but please, please, please, just try to ignore the critics on this one. A blog is supposed to be a reflection of your actual everyday life, not a fiction about your hypothetical life. Just write what is, and those that don’t care for it can always find another site – there are hundreds. Your site is special because it is so ordinary, believable, and easy to relate to. Your lifestyle sounds great to me. Don’t change it, or the writing, unless *you* want to.



  9. Just a Thought October 1, 2009 at 8:07 pm - Reply

    truthfully i think the sites great so far but i do agree with them that people would like to know more about what its actually like wearing diapers and the feelings u experience not saying u have to go all out and spend lots of time writing but perhaps once a week or whatever ur comfortable with possibly given what jane sed a try i do find the site exciting the way it is however i do believe and agree with jane that it would give it a erotic twist and would attract more to the site for whatever u do decide good luck!

  10. db October 4, 2009 at 12:37 pm - Reply

    Every one askes what its like ,how it feels etc.Having been in diapers 24/7/365 for 24yrs now the one thing i notice is that i dont notice anymore .It is just a normal part of everyday.
    Maybe what people that want to know more should is just ask the question rather than expect the writer of the blog to be a mind reader and write about everything and anything.
    I find this blog informative and well done but if i wanted to know something specific i would just ask not complain when it is not talked about.
    Thanks for the blog and the look at your life experiences

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