I have had a lot of people ask about how I began wearing diapers so I thought I would go ahead and clear the air so that everyone will know 🙂

At a very young age I was diagnosed with something called uninhibited neurogenic bladder, which basically means that my bladder did not develop normally when I was younger. The definition of the condition is, “a condition, either congenital or acquired, of abnormal urinary bladder function whereby normal inhibitory control of detrusor function by the central nervous system is impaired or underdeveloped, resulting in urgency or enuresis.”  So yes I wear diapers for a medical reason and have for a very long time, but I do love diapers with everything that I am! They complete my life and without them I wouldn’t be who I am today and who I was back then! 🙂

Hopefully this clears the air, if you have any questions though feel free to ask I am not ashamed 🙂.

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  1. ash March 10, 2008 at 9:23 pm - Reply

    thanks for clearing that up. i appreciate your honesty I have Cerabral Palsey myself and one of the complications is overactive bladder andx mild urge incontince. i take tablets twice daily and that keeps me dry. so only wear nappies for fun. appart from traveling overseas when i wear pull-ups

  2. AKbound March 11, 2008 at 2:11 am - Reply

    My question to you would be this then…knowing you grew up with this problem, and having dealt with diapers it would seem, all of your life, how did you cope or deal with ridicule, or embarrasment from your friends, co-workers and so on? I’m sure that you had a level at which you were comfortable with yourself and your needs. But not everyone else out there is ….umm …tactful enough to deal with those issues and like a certain boss of mine..find it easier to resort to name calling, jokes or something else to make themselves feel bigger or better then you.
    I like the fact that your proud of you, and who you are…and that your relationship with the future husband shows that as well. But was there ever a time when you were dating people, trying to make friends, or just dealing with the general public that they made you feel inferior?
    I know in my case, though i’m not required to wear diapers, it’s probably taken up untill I was 24 or so when I finally really started to just be comfortable with my diapers. Sure the wife made me comfortable with them, but I still was more concerned with hiding that when out in public..and now i just view them as another pair of underwear, no different then me making the choice to wear boxers, or boxer-briefs.

  3. sheluvs2Bwet March 11, 2008 at 10:31 pm - Reply

    My story is somewhat similar in that at age 12 I had a serious misdiagnosed bladder infection which, because of scar tissue, left me with limited bladder capacity. After age 20 I had a procedure done which helped, especially during the day, but after a while found that I missed wearing protection and the feeling of being wet and warm. I reincorporated the wearing of protection into my daily life and although I don’t wear everyday, during the day, I still must wear every night.

  4. Angela Bauer March 12, 2008 at 8:41 am - Reply

    Most of the women decended from my maternal grandmother’s mom have congenital bladder problems. Our bladders are always smaller than average and usually at puberty we start having real control issues when sleeping. I reverted to bedwetting at age 12 a month or so after reaching puberty and managed to retain day control until I was 21. Since then despite the efforts of a whole bunch of urologists, I am profoundly bladder incontinent 24/7.

    Granny says that her mom had been told genetics did not affect the bladder, but that was back in the dark ages of urology. Over the years research has shown that genetics does affect the whole urinary system, but so far no cures are certain. More recent research is showing there is a hormone issue that affects a lot of young women at puberty, sort of as can happen during pregnancy and at menopause.

    Urology is considered a surgical medical specialty. Just as with medications to help bladder control, get more than one second opinion before having urology surgery. Many of the drugs help some people and have side effects with others. Be careful, okay?

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