Hey everyone…I know my US readers are going to be jealous possibly but incase anyone could actually fit into these or wanted to use these diapers as a doubler – you can get a free sample of Huggies Little Walkers diapers for those people living in the UK.  Just go to the link below and fill out your information if you live in the UK and you will receive a free sample of these diapers in the mail.  I know some people use these to double so I figured a few samples may be helpful to some.  Enjoy everyone!

Free Huggies Little Walkers Sample for UK

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  1. AKbound February 26, 2008 at 2:40 am - Reply

    You can also request free samples from almost any company out there. Diapers or not…just call or mail them and let them know you are interested and would like to sample some of there products. We get diaper samples all the time from huggies since we bought there stuff for a while, until we started to cloth diaper. We still get coupons for discounted or free stuff. Also, if you have ever had problems with your diapers, as I did for a while with Assurance brand diapers (tapes kept breaking off really easily) I just called the company and complained. They sent me a simple paper coupon for free replacements. No fancy copy protection or anything…just a simple piece of paper that gives me free diapers!

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