I have gotten a response to one of my posts about what I think about wearing diapers in public, and specifically about others seeing my diaper while I am wearing it. Well… to answer your questions I LOVE BOTH! 🙂 I know this is hard for some to believe but wearing diapers all the time is just what I LOVE! I LOVE wearing them in public and being able to go through life just like everyone else and not caring at all what other people think or feel!  I also love knowing that other people can see my diaper! Now don’t get me wrong I don’t go around in my day to day life wearing just a diaper and shirt (even though I have done this on the beach and LOVE it as well), but I do make sure that when for instance my finace and I go out in the afternoons, weekends, or night that you can see my diaper poking out of my pants,  or my skirt, or sometimes just wearing really tight pants where the outline of my diaper can be seen very easily by those who are passing by! I also know that my fiance LOVES this very much too which also makes it fun! I just think that life is too short to be caring about what other people feel and I am very tasteful about it so I absolutely LOVE IT!

Anyways..those are just my thoughts and by no means do I think everyone feels to same way I just wanted to share how I feel and how I go about my everyday life!


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  1. AKbound March 5, 2008 at 2:22 am - Reply

    I don’t see any problems in making it public. I’ve seen girls out quite often with there pacifiers, ussually on a night I was going to a Rave anyways, but still..noone thought anything different about it. I enjoy going out in public in my diapers and I do it as often as I can since I don’t actually wear 24/7. I just figure there is a line you can cross. Either you are forceably imposing something on someone else or you are doing something normal. IE: I went with the wife to Walmart one night wearing my cloth diapers with the babyish print on them, pants and a tshirt. Now of course since i’m tall…I always get the lady who says “Excuse me…Sir…can you please get that item off the shelf for me” and so I of course got it that night while out. I had to actually stand up on my toes to get the bulbs way in the back on the top shelf and of course my pants had already slipped some from walking (and the wife trying to tuck my shirt into my diaper where it sticks out over my pants) and my shirt rose up. At the time I didn’t think anything about it…I was just being nice to the lady and her daughter who was probably 14-16. I did notice them both smiling really big, but thought nothing of it. Of course after I turned around and saw the wife with a huge smile too…it started to click. Sure enough, as we started to walk off I realized that about 2 or 3 inches were fully on show when I did that. Did this hurt or bother anyone. Probably not, it’s no different if I had worn boxers that night…they would have seen those instead.
    Just because something isn’t “normal” or to someone elses standards, doesn’t mean everyone else should feel the need to hide or try to fit that mold. Just be yourself and enjoy yourself. If that’s wearing your diapers in house, or out in public…then just do what makes you feel comfortable.

  2. walter March 5, 2008 at 10:56 am - Reply

    My girlfriend was kind of hesitant to have her diaper sticking out of her pants in public after I told her that I would get a kick out of it. Finally I think she decided that she didn’t care what other people thought. Now, the only problem is getting her in the right outfit! Any suggestions, Stacey? I think with it being winter and her always wearing a coat makes it more difficult.

  3. Adrian March 5, 2008 at 3:03 pm - Reply

    Yes, most of my friends and colleagues know but most everyone is pretty mature about it. You would be surprised in how you word things how accepting people really are. Its all in the wording and choice of words.

  4. Richard March 5, 2008 at 2:44 pm - Reply


    It is certainly good that you are relaxed about your diaper so I assume all your friends and colleagues know you are in diapers. I wonder how they first reacted at work and whether anyone has followed your example and tried diapers themself?


  5. Richard March 5, 2008 at 4:25 pm - Reply

    Hi again

    What chice of words do you think are best – I haven’t told any of my friends yet. Of course in my case I don’t need to wear a full diaper (I only do so for security and convenience) When I am with friends I usually wear a pull up and use the toilets when I need to go. The pull-up let me extend the time between visits to what would be a normal interval.

    Best wishes


  6. wetnbulky March 24, 2008 at 7:16 pm - Reply


    I also love going in public with my diapers visible, but it’s harder to do as a guy because we don’t typically wear skirts or tight pants.

    The best times I’ve had were the following (these are true, I’m not embellishing at all):

    One time I went to a halloween store and asked a middle aged latino lady who worked there if she had any baby costumes. She found me a bib, bonnet and pacifier and I asked if I could try them. I told her I was going to dress like a two year old and was already wearing a diaper under my jeans. She said okay, so I went into the dressing room, put the bib and bonnet on and (with my heart pounding out of my chest) came out with a white t-shirt, bib, bonnet, and my diaper. I asked her what she thought and she actually said it looked cute! She made a joke that I should bring an extra diaper to the party in case someone slaps me on the back (I guess she leaks when people do that to her). I told her that actually I would because I really do wear diapers for protection. At that point I was able to relax and I actually wet my diaper in front of her. When she saw it, she goes, “Oh, what kind of problem you have?” I told her I had a weak bladder and didn’t want people to hear my diapers under my costume, so I would just make the diapers part of my costume.

    I actually did the same thing at another halloween store that year in front of some other ladies and both times it was a rush. I’ll tell you about some of my other daring attempts at being seen, but my question is, what is the best way for a guy to make his diapers revealing in public while making it look like it’s an accident that they are showing?

  7. jason July 20, 2009 at 12:30 am - Reply

    I usually unzip my jeans, pull the diaper out a little and just walk aroung with the plastic diaper showing, I have got a few comments like your diaper is showing you should zip up. And some times I tuck my shirt in with the back pulled out over my shirt.

  8. Pamperboy July 5, 2011 at 1:02 am - Reply

    I’ve worn disposable diapers in public, usually to Wal-Mart since at my Wal-Mart there are shady people there anyway, so it’s no big deal. The most embarrassing (but what a rush!) time was when I went and dirtied my diaper in the store. I walked into the shoes area where a lady was looking (she was probably 40s). She didn’t do anything for a few minutes so I started to walk away when she turned and sniffed. She crinkled her nose and said ‘whew, is that you honey?’ I didn’t know what to say, so I just shrugged. ‘What do you mean?’ She said ‘it smells like you had an accident in your pants…’ I looked away and kind of shuffled, which was dumb because it made my diaper crinkle. She nodded slightly and said ‘I think your diaper needs a change sweetie.’ I turned really red and she just smiled and said ‘it’s ok, don’t be embarrassed.’ I smiled and apologized, saying I couldn’t help it. She laughed and said she understood. I kind of stayed for a moment and she kept joking. She said ‘But PU, you do need to go get your diaper changed.’ I didn’t want to cause a scene so I walked away, but walked by her in another area of the store. This time she shook her head and said ‘still walking around with that poopy diaper on?’ I left then before she went and told someone, but I wished I had told her I didn’t have anyone to do it. Maybe she would have offered…

  9. A.J. March 25, 2014 at 10:47 pm - Reply

    I love going out in diapers especially to my local Wal-mart. I got a funny reaction from my moms friends 3 year old a few years back I was with my mom and and her friend doing some Christmas and diaper shopping I had two packs of depend fitted breifs in the cart and some Christmas gifts. I didn’t even notice that I really messed my diaper, the smell gave it away. The three year old smelled what happened and yelled out Mom I made poopies and so did him pointing at me. I wasn’t embarrassed about it, his mom said that I couldn’t help it and stop pointing. We got a good laugh about it.

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