I was doing a little looking around on the internet and I saw that there are things such as diaper parties that are held all arond the country, mostly from what I can tell in the bigger cities around the country! Just thought this was really interesting! I have hard of like “nurseries” that you can go to but I have never heard of these parties that are just for ABDL around the country!

Just got finished changing Peter’s diaper and straightening things up around the house !I think we are going to snuggle up here shortly on the couch and watch a movie! i need something to calm me down from this crazy day that I went through! i hope everyone had a good start to the week 🙂.

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  1. lynn king March 24, 2008 at 9:24 pm - Reply

    diaper party do sound cool tough. i never have been one to my self, my week been ok

  2. ash March 24, 2008 at 9:27 pm - Reply

    hi Stacey.
    Have been to bdsm/kink parties but never a abdl party. though at the parties I found peeople were very accepting and even found a women to put a big disposable nappy on me- yay! if you do every go to an abdl. parties. be sure to post about it on the blog.
    how was the movie- what was it.
    it’s 130pm here in sydney Australia so better get back to work!

  3. Angela Bauer March 25, 2008 at 12:00 am - Reply

    My youngest sister Missy told me about adult babies and how that might be a coping strategy to get me past depression about my wetting. She had started with AB a few months previously. That was early in October 1990. Missy was working as a movie costumer and had accepted invitations to a couple of industry Halloween parties. So once I found a pacifier comfy, Missy talked me into going with her to those parties, both of us wearing adult Onesies she would design and make. Since both of us are incontinent, obviously we would be wearing real diapers inside the Onesies.

    Sure enough Missy got the Onesies made quickly and I did not feel the least silly. We decided to use actual MAM pacifiers, not typical costume shop enlarged ones and to also use real Evenflo baby bottles with working nipples.

    At the first party we met several movie industry people who were real AB guys. They loved the Onesies. We saw a few of the same guys at the other larger party. They invited us to a regular monthly ABDL party in West Hollywood the second Saturday in November. By then I had contacted DPF and was set to be listed in the Dec 1990 Roster. From then on Missy and I went to one West Hollywood ABDL party a month, until the organizer and his lover moved to Detroit.

    After I met Don Davis, we went to the annual parties DPF staged in Marin County. We hosted an AB couples convention we called SpringFest’93 that April in Hollywood, then went to the DPF party in June in Mill Valley.

    By then brunches or munches for ABDL were getting popular in many places. Gene and Dee Smith organized parties for AB and the DS scene in Green Bay, WI as early as 1991. Someone organized ABDL parties in Boston starting in 1990. There was a big party in Washington, DC each August.

    These events take a lot of time, because ABDL are so shy and will not decide until the last minute, so many parties have been staged with just 2 people showing when 25 said they would be there. A lot of organizers dropped out for that reason.

    When such parties do happen nearly everyone has a great time. I am sure there are shy men who can play with me and some stuffed toys when I am wearing a big baby dress who would be very uncomfortable talking to me in my law office when I am dressed as an attorney and they are wearing a suit. Later men who have met me at ABDL parties have written saying they talked to me longer than any adult woman in years, which makes me feel good. At those parties Missy and I became good friends with men and women who are still in-person AB friends nearly 18 years later.

    Be good to yourselves and make the effort to participate in real life ABDL parties.

  4. mark tribuna July 11, 2011 at 8:04 pm - Reply

    Diaper parties seem interesting… a fantasy escape of roll-playing…
    This ABDL is growing in the HOLLYWOOD club scene… where the BDSM crowd has accepted the abdl community… have fun…

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