Chaning Pads

Just thought that I would share something that I have really really enjoyed! When I began to look for some new types of diapers I emailed some different companies getting some samples sent and looking for what I wanted to purchase. One company sent me these. They are basically changing pads and I have loved them since the moment I got them!

When you have to change and don’t want anything to get on the floor, or even better when you are changing yourself or someone in the car they are also very handy! They are actually made for putting under your sheets in case you leak or sleeping on if you have a chance of leaking during the night, but I enjoying using them as changing pads especially if its an extra messy day!

Just thought I’d share a product that I really enjoy using in my day to day diapered life!.

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  1. Randy January 29, 2008 at 5:30 pm - Reply

    Don’t be put-off by the sound of this, but many of the throw-away diaper changing pads I’ve seen for sale are often sold as pet training pads. Plain and simple, many times, the two products are one and the same…the only differences I’ve noted is that #1) the pet training pads are usually much cheaper and #2) the larger size pet training pads are just that: large. Easily large enough for nearly all adults to change/be changed on. Of course, pet training pads are usually just plain white with a blue plastic backing (no colorful baby blocks/baby pin designs..not that I’ve ever found a changing pad with that design that would accomodate me). If one didn’t know that a pet training pad was just that..for, I’m certain, would or could easily see that it was in reality a diaper changing pad. My local supermarket has, for $9 bucks on sale, a package of 32 extra-large size pads (heck, two diaper changees [twins?] could be changed on these pads at once,) that have just the perfect diaper changing pad look and feel about them…nothing about them says “pet training pad”. I have to admit that I would love to find disposible large size changing pads (that would fit me) with a babyish design.

  2. determinedmom1 August 9, 2010 at 1:52 pm - Reply

    IT is cheaper to buy pet supplies as it is to buy sporting goods. Anything marked for medical use is marked up to 700% which I find totally unfair for those of us taking care of loved ones at home. For instance, and medically needed helmet for child was $799.00 and chuck norris karate helmet(mind you more padding around the ears for a small child learning to walk with Cerebral Palsy) $29.99 at sports authority. Go figure. I am looking for cheap changing pads. My best friend seen the trouble we’ve been having with my 17 yr old son, he made us a sturdy changing table so now I need the pads to help out. If anyone knows a company I can purchase these cheaply please tell me. My insurance doesnt cover these. Thank you a lot Jennifer : [email protected]

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