Many people have asked me about a dry weight and wet weight comparison of Bambino Diapers with another premium diaper like Abenas.  Well, I didn’t do this experiment myself but somebody else did.  I am just reposting it from their post.  Keep in mind the experiment was done with water which is not completely accurate but still it ends up favoring Bambino and I will explain why Bambinos are even more favored if a proper solution was used that emulated urine more.  So here is the post:

“I tested the absolute absorbency of the Abena X-Plus and the Bambino Bianco by first weighing them dry and then weighing them after soaking them in water for 10 minutes, then letting them hang to dry for 10 minutes. I also did the same thing for the Abri-Let Maxi and the Bambino Quadro. I used a kitchen scale that mewp_es to the closest 5g; not that it really mattered in the end, there was one very clear winner…

Dry weights:

Abena X-Plus – 185g
Bambino – 165g

Abri-Let Maxi – 70g
Bambino Quadro – 45g

Wet weights:

Abena X-Plus – 4255g
Bambino Bianco – ~6600g !! It actually exceeded the kitchen scale’s range so I weighed it on my bathroom scale (14lbs.) and converted the result.

Abri-Let Maxi – 620g – this had a lot of press out/runoff when I hung it up because it is mostly pulp. It also compressed in thickness as well.
Bambino Quadro – 1880g !! This one swelled to almost quadruple the thickeness of the Abri-Let !! I will post a picture to my gallery of the comparison. It is impressive considering the dry comparison pictures. “

So, this person experimented with water testing the absorbancy between Bambino Diapers and Abena.  They also tested the Bambino Quadro and Abri-let Maxi.  So, water is not a accurate representation of real urine.  If a saline solution (salt solution basically) which is more representative of urine was used then this would only make Bambino Diapers better.  Bambinos have made it clear they use a lot of polymer in their diaper (source: and polymer reacts and absorbs better when a saline solution is used.  So, if the tests were done using a saline solution then the Bambino probably would have done even better than Abena using water. So, I guess the lesson we learned is that the dry weight thickness doesn’t always represent how absorbant it is.  It is more about the materials and technology used in the diaper that makes it more absorbant.  So, while the Abena may appear thicker DRY compared to the Bambino, the Bambino actually swells up larger and is MORE absorbant then Abena by a significant amount when actually WET.

Note: The test was performed by a user on

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  1. Frink May 30, 2009 at 1:34 am - Reply

    Any chance you cold post a link to the thread?

  2. nappybum May 30, 2009 at 1:50 am - Reply

    Oh my god! That is a crazy amount of fluid. Bambino clearly did so much more than just create a diaper/nappy with prints on it. This must be the ultimate disposable diaper without a doubt.

  3. Mandy June 2, 2009 at 1:15 pm - Reply

    Well for a year plus, I’ve still not told my best girl friend about wearing diapers. Only my boyfriend knows.

  4. BabyMikey74 June 10, 2009 at 4:01 pm - Reply

    My only issue really,with diaper manufacturers,is the fact that,as far as I know,they never test new products on humans. So really,they’re never really battle tested.

    If someone wets standing up,and then sits down,with a full swelled diaper,will it hold? Or will it leak?

    What about the active people? So far,I have yet to see a diaper,that will work for them. That has complete absorbsion,that an active person needs.

    The research is flawed in that,from what you wrote,it was never battle tested on an actual ABy.

    Don’t get me wrong,in my view,Bambinos is still the best diaper on the market. But could always use the improvement.

    Bambinos shouldn’t pigeon-hole themselves to just two types of diapers. They need to have a variety. Adult replicas of kids-style day and night-time pullups(Huggies Pullups,Pampers Easy-Ups,Underjamz and Goodnites) And have maybe a couple of adult replicas of Lil’Swimmers,too! I mean,what baby doesn’t like to swim? It is summertime after all:)

    Love your blog,and love Bambinos!

    ***Baby Mikey***

  5. seamuis June 29, 2009 at 7:10 am - Reply

    absorbency and absorbency under pressure are two totally different things. also everyones urine is slightly different in its contents, if you drink nothing but water and a lot of it, your diaper will perform better, but for a shorter period of time of course, but if your urine has a high salt or acidity content the same diaper will perform worse. the simple fact is that standard absorption tests are a baseline at best and in no way represent a real life performance. having said that I actually prefer the absorbency (under pressure) of Tranqulity diapers. I prefer the comfort of the Dry 24/7 and the typical price vs. performance of the Abena X-Plus. bambinos are good, and its a great thing that they made their product better at a slightly better price (my biggest gripe with bambino) but the cost vs. performance still makes the Abena the absolute best choice for a high absorbency diaper. from my personal experience, the real world performance is negligible between the new bambinos and the current abena X-Plus. I have leaks with both, I find both to be too bulky to be comfortable under clothing for everyday wear (unless you sit on your bum in an office all day, of course) but if I can get the Abena’s at a better price especially since most online retailors are currently or very often offering free shipping.

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