We’re still not too clear, from a scientific point of view, on just how much stuff is hardwired in our brains from birth and how much develops along the way.

I certainly wouldn’t claim to have much insight on the subject. But I do have a couple distinct memories from my post-potty-training, pre-pubescent years of an early interest in wearing diapers.

The first comes from when I was still young enough that my mom met me at school every day and walked me home, which I think must have been around kindergarten age or so (I had an older brother at the same school, so we were able to walk ourselves over without parental supervision pretty early — keep in mind that this was also a very safe Midwestern town quite a few years ago!).

In that memory I distinctly remember kind of needing to pee, but not really being at the desperation point or anything. And for some reason — frustration with other things, maybe — it felt very unfair that I used to be able to go to school diapered, but now I couldn’t, and so I just let go.

I then immediately tried to hide the massive wet stain and claim I hadn’t wet my pants, of course (kids are dumb), but it definitely started with a feeling of unfairness that I didn’t have the option of not bothering with a bathroom.

Several years later, I have another distinct memory of playing with a similarly-aged kid from the neighborhood, and convincing him that it would be entertaining to sneak a couple of his toddler diapers out and wear them. They didn’t fit, of course, but we gave it a shot, and I remember being pleased with the attempt.

That was before the internet, and before puberty, so I really didn’t have any way of knowing that there were adults who wore diapers, or that it was possible to have a sexual interest in wearing them (or a non-sexual but non-medical interest, for that matter).

So there can’t really have been any external influence putting those ideas in my head. Which sorta makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

Some of us, I know, come to diapers through necessity, but I’m curious how people who started wearing for fun or for convenience first got the notion into their heads. Has the interest been with you since childhood, or do you have a distinct awareness of when you first thought of wearing diapers? Please share in the comments!

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  1. Jason August 8, 2013 at 2:51 pm - Reply

    I’ve been interested in diapers as far back as I can remember. I don’t know what got me interested in diapers. I wasn’t abused in any shape or form. I was toilet trained later than most people. I had little, to no interest in being a baby, or even a teen baby.

  2. Richard August 8, 2013 at 4:43 pm - Reply

    At the age of eight a friend’s parents took me and my friend to a park along with my friends sister who was potty training. On the way home she said she needed her potty and her mum said it was OK as she had her nappy on, so she sat there and went sitting next to me – every since then I had wanted the convenience of nappies – that was August 1971

    • Jason August 8, 2013 at 5:01 pm - Reply

      Hey Richard. I know what you mean. I have no medical need to wear diapers. I find them more convenient than having to stop and find a place to pee, and then when you do find a place, the seat is filthy from either someone pissing on the seat rather than into the toilet.

  3. Michael August 8, 2013 at 4:55 pm - Reply

    Although am 24 I still remember sneaking nappies from my cousins house and wearing them and like the person who posted this blog the Internet for me wasn’t really around at my age and the Internet was just starting to kick off so again there was no influence or 3rd party influences.

    It’s very odd how I got so interested in this ABDL thing.

  4. Earl B August 8, 2013 at 8:52 pm - Reply

    Me. If there’s anybody who was just born this way. It’s me. I didn’t get the notion of being curious to try on diapers when I was just a small kid, or just for the convenience it never happened. I was potty trained very early in life, and raised to be mature fast so I think this has something to do with me regressing back to diapers which is indeed in breaded in me now. I’m hooked for life. Not to be an Adult baby but just a diaper lover. That’s my speculation.

    • Jason August 9, 2013 at 8:37 am - Reply

      I wasn’t out of diapers until I was about 5 yrs old. I’m now 40 yrs old.

  5. Joseph Van Schaick August 9, 2013 at 1:42 am - Reply

    I’m currently twenty-two myself, but I do admit I’ve had a pretty big focus on the concept of diapers. My parents decided on potty training when I was two-three years old (like many parents), however I never showed an interest in toilet training. I do remember when I’d spend weekends away with my grandmother, or great grandmother, to which I would purposely use my pull-up, and let them figure it out themselves like I wasn’t aware. This went on every other weekend up until my sister was born, and they decided to press the issue more so, but it continued onward.

    Even after I was potty trained, I continued to take diapers from anything I could actually muster. I realize I was far stupider in retrospect now, but all the places I’d try to hide them were ridiculous. Anyhow, that’s not really on topic quite so much, but the point is that I have had a early interest, yes

    I’d like to believe that when one’s awareness of their interest in diapers becomes apparent, as well as first exposure afterward, that may actually help encourage the AB/DL side of the non-necessary diaper wearers, actually. That’s just a theory, however.

  6. djl August 9, 2013 at 8:01 am - Reply

    I was 7 when a classmate claimed that her mother used diapers as punishment for her older brother. That was more than 30 years ago, and ever since, I have enjoyed the idea of wearing diapers and using them in general. I have no desire to be punished with diapers or anything, even though that’s how I first was introduced to the idea. I still can’t figure out why it sounded so plewp_able in the beginning, but I guess it’s just how I am.

  7. Alan August 10, 2013 at 4:23 pm - Reply

    My interest in diapers started when I was 12. I had started having wet dreams, and wasn’t really prepared for them. I thought I was wetting the bed and tried to hide it from my family. At the same time I stumbled onto a few diaper pictures online and eventually found my way to the DPF site, which jump started the fetish for me.

    Interestingly enough, I do have a memory from when I was about 5 where my babysitter played a game with me and my brother, where we would hide and if she found us she would put a diaper on us. Only many years later did I realize this might have started the whole fetish. As I remember it we were completely clothed at the time, however in retrospect it struck me as somewhat abusive behavior on her part.

  8. Rick August 11, 2013 at 9:13 pm - Reply

    My earliest memory of putting on a diaper (post-potty training) was when my parents got mad at me for having bad manners at the dinner table or something along those lines. I was probably 4 or 5, and went back to my sister’s room, who has a medical condition and wears them, and put a diaper on. From then on I’d periodically sneak her diapers and just wear one around the house, pretty much as a comfort mentally, not so much for the feel. Later on puberty hit and now it’s a fetish that I have mixed feelings about, but hey it’s enjoyable and my wife is pretty alright with it.

  9. Reed August 12, 2013 at 11:18 pm - Reply

    For me, my earliest memory’s of childhood are of me and my cousin sneaking/stealing diapers. I’m talking 2 or three years old and we would get caught all the time and our parents always would ask us why. We didn’t even even know the answer. Right up until like 12 years old, then I went about two years where I didn’t think about them and me and my cousin didn’t talk about them. I went back to them after that right up through high school and I got better at hiding them. Between the ages of 12 and 17 I only got caught once. I had at this point in time been daring enough to wear one to school (I was 17 years old) I remember taking it off in the bathroom, and I folded it and put it in my back pack and forgot about. Later that night my mother moved my back pack and it fell out. It had been 8 years sence they had found a diaper and this one was used. They where at wits end, flabbergasted, complete loss of words. I had no answer for them yet again. I moved out of their house and went to college and lived with my gf and I couldn’t tell hers about it. Then we got maried when i was 19 and I kept it a secret still. I’m 21 now and I still haven’t told her, this is actually the first time I’ve ever told anyone. But I suppose it doesn’t really count seens as I don’t know any of you. Lol, sorry for the rambling.

  10. ChuckieB August 13, 2013 at 10:01 pm - Reply

    My diaper desires have been there as far back as I can remember. I’m not sure of the influence of potty training in relation to the later life behavior as I was potty trained very early and from what I’m told it was a very easy transition. I do recall being 7-8″ish” and stealing diapers from my younger cousins. Fit was not an issue as I was always very small for my age. I did get caught around the age of 11 wearing a pamper I had taken from my aunt’s house and my parents did not get upset or berate me for the diaper wearing behavior but were more concerned with my stealing of the diaper and focused on ensuring that I knew it was wrong to steal. Around 12 I spent a lot time around my aunt’s house where all 5 of my cousins were female and older than me. They would get me wear diapers (it was pretty easy to convince me to do so) and would take turns dotting over me and actually change me when I wet. It was at this time I really began to comprehend the plewp_e of diaper wearing. As I got older I suppressed the behavior for many years and it wasn’t until my early 40’s that I really allowed myself to act on my desires. From the first time I “taped on” as an adult I knew there was no turning back. Fast forward to today; I wear during the day a couple times a week, but always sleep diapered. My wife is fully aware and very supportive. I sometimes think she’s almost jealous that I’ve acknowledged and have fully accepted my fetish and have the mind/imagination to “let go” and allow myself to “just go with it” because it just feels REALLY REALLY good!

    • Jason August 14, 2013 at 10:13 pm - Reply

      I don’t know what influenced my interest in wearing diapers. I know that I’ve been interested in diapers as far back as I can remember.

  11. CD August 15, 2013 at 11:15 am - Reply

    I remember my parents (especially my father) threatening to put me in diapers when I was under 8 if I acted immature. It was a common threat. One day when I was 6 I found leftover diapers for my younger brother and I took a couple. I tried them on under a hand-crocheted quilt not thinking my mother could see in between the many quilt holes. Even though she saw she never said anything – perhaps out of embarrassment. It took another 15 years for me to regain interest, although I discovered a lot of fetishes I enjoyed in between.

    When I got out on my own and was with my first fiancée at 22 or 23 years old is when I finally couldn’t shake the idea of wearing diapers so I bought a pack of Depend and used them up within a month. I came in every one I wore. After that, my first wife (a different woman) didn’t really approve, so I took maybe a 2 year break from diapers in the middle of that relationship and then had a solid couple of years out of diapers with my second wife. When my second marriage dissolved I went back to wearing whenever I was home. Then, another break in September 2009 for about a year.

    Fast forward to November 2010 and about to get married again I had a diagnosis of neck and lower back stenosis which I inherited from my mother. I had been told I needed neck surgery quickly and was stalling the procedure when I had a devastating pain attack in my neck that had me writhing in bed for 15 minutes. I actually bent my decorative metal headboard it was so bad. At the end however, I had wet the sheets. Understandable given how bad the pain was. But it didn’t stop…3 or 4 nights a week it would hit and I would go in the bed. After hiding it for a month and giving my wife very clean sheets I told my wife I may need protection for the surgery and so I ordered some samples. I ordered too much though, and she confronted me about it. I was ashamed and embarrassed by my NEED (at 37 years old) to wear diapers. It wasn’t a fetish any more… She was and is very supportive and actually suggested wearing printed diapers from Bambino to have fun with my medical condition, which really works.

    When it became a need there were stages of grief…anger, sadness, resentment, more anger, frustration and 2 years after, acceptance. With my back problems my incontinence got progressively worse so I pretty much wear something 24/7 whether it be a pull-up or a night diaper. I had to let friends, family and doctors know. However, I am finally starting to feel enjoyment again and my wife will wear with me occasionally to show support.

    Actually being incontinent sucks because the option of wearing isn’t there any more – it’s a need. Therefore, timing doesn’t matter. You no longer get to pick when you wear. I have had to leave parties, have leaked during foreplay, have wet my shorts in front of friends and strangers alike and overall had all the embarrassing situations you could imagine. However, learning to deal with it has been rewarding because I don’t let it get in the way of my life any more :).

    • Jason August 16, 2013 at 12:13 pm - Reply

      It can be a problem when you start to need to wear diapers full-time instead of wanting to wear diapers only part of the time, no doubt about that. Finding a place to dispose of diapers after you’ve used. People knowing that you’re wearing diapers. Trying to explain why you’re wearing diapers can be a big problem.

  12. Randy August 16, 2013 at 4:12 pm - Reply

    Adrian,, thanks for such a good question!!! I don’t know if this fits but,,,, As a child I had always had an issue as a bedwetter. Try as we might have,, I was sleeping so soundly that I just never felt the urge that I had to get up and go to the bathroom. After many years, my mom decided to put me in diapers at night. I think part of it was a tactic that it would make me stop, but the other part was simply necessity and convenience of not having to strip my bed each day. This was back in the early 60’s, well before disposables, mom put me in thick cloth diapers every evening. I was finally staying dry at night around the age of 15,, so the diapers came off. Even though I absolutely hated them at the beginning,, I think it was simply the humiliation I felt.. I quickly learned to love the feeling of safety and security I derived, as well as the added attention I received while being diapered. I haven’t worn diapers since,, but I continue to have very fond memories of them and would not be opposed to needing them again.

  13. Kevin August 18, 2013 at 5:43 pm - Reply

    I can certainly relate. While not incontinent, due to a physical disability I have to rely on diapers 24/7. Although in my case, diapers have allowed me to become more independent and I am able to go places without the worry of not being able to make it to a restroom or always needing someone to help me every time I need to use the restroom. I have to admit though, when my disability wasn’t as bad and I was more independent, I had a strong desire to wear diapers and see what it was like.

    • Jason August 18, 2013 at 6:51 pm - Reply

      Hey Kevin. I know what you mean. I have no disabilities that would prevent me from making it to the bathroom when I need to pee, or even poop, there have been countless times when I wish I were wearing diapers, because I’m unable to be near the toilet when I need to pee.

  14. BabySteve March 7, 2014 at 9:46 pm - Reply

    My interest started before I went to school. I remember wanting to put on the diapers that my mother had stacked in the basement once we all grew out of them. I wanted to wear them, but I knew my mom would find out and get mad. While I was in elementary school, I remember getting excited when I saw characters in cartoons being forcefully diapered against their will. And as a teenager, I was too chicken to buy some disposables, but I made my own diapers out of some old bed sheets. It continued on from there.

  15. DiaperDreamer October 9, 2014 at 1:54 am - Reply

    I was diapered at nap time till i was 4 or 5 years old, when i was 10 or 11 i decided that i was interested in diapers and i plan to try 24/7 when i move out of my parents house, if i decide i like it i will train myself to need them

  16. Kwan Ming July 19, 2015 at 5:48 am - Reply

    My story on how I became a life-long diaper lover.

    Disclaimer: All of these experiences and memories are of real-life events but are also of private matters and should not be disclosed out side of this web-site.

    My childhood memories are still pretty vivid in my mind, one of my earlier memories of getting interested in wearing diapers was when I was 8 years old and back then I was still quite small for my age, and therefore could still fit into my pampers baby dry diapers I wore as a infant or toddler they where white with a pleated blue waist gaurd and had that all plastic look about them.

    I use to know where the value box was stored in my room as it was under my bunk bed and I read it had 300 diapers and where sized (L-XL), and I use to put one on my self as part of my secretive age regresdion sessions.

    I had in private and I clearly remember feeling how wonderfull it felt to wear them again for the first time since I was a baby, I guess mum use-to keep them under my bed incase I ever had any bed wetting accidents which never happened to me, and my brother who was younger than me by five years was a baby in arms but he fortunately had not grown into the size diapers I wore so I had them all to myself so to speak until he was potty trained and my supply dried up.

    Fast forward to April 2010, When I found myself through no falt of my own having to return to wearing diapers virtually 24/7. only this time only in adult size, due to being diagnosed with OBS/weak bladder after having several embarrassing accidents at work and at home although this time the only major differences where that I had a whole lot more freedom as I made the choice on my own and without any peer pressure and I was no-longer a baby/toddler.

    Even nowadays I wear diapers virtually 24/7 as specially at night time before I go to bed to prevent any bed wetting accidents and also for comfort and protection something I had to get use to as I had very little choice in the matter as the tablets my doctor prescribed did nothing to cure the problems in-fact if anything they made it far worse as I had allergic reactions to them and as a result I stopped taking them all together to the dismay of other people.

    But in the end of the day it’s my body and I don’t want to fight it if it decides to shoe me that I should never have been out of diapers in the first place which was something I already knew as I was potty trained far too early in my childhood and I figgure this is my body finally rebelling against that fact.

    Some days are better than others I can sometimes go all day without wearing diapers and even go on holidays for up to a whole month without having to buy them, but not always as last year showed when I was in the far-east and had to resort to buying and wearing diapers because of constantly occurring pee accidents which embarrassed me in front of my friends and family, I also believe that because I use to suffer from epilepsy when i was 11-12 years old in 1992-93 my nerves where damaged and that may be part of the reason I keep having inter-mittant accidents.

    But my doctors couldn’t find any faults with my bladder which hints it may be psychological as much as physical in any case I take extra pre-cautions such as not drinking before bed and trippling up on the diapers I wear incase I have a bad wetting accident whilst I am asleap and having a water-proof mattress cover.

    But in all honestly if it’s psychological there’s very little I can do but accept that I will be wearing diapers for the rest of my life which for me is not that big of an issue/problem to manage my incontinence problems and its not like I am harming anyone by doing so but I need to persuade my pearents that its no big deal as they disapprove of me wearing diapers and that’s going to be the biggest challenge as I still live in there house and need to follow their rules of conduct although I am allowed to wear them at night as long as I don’t disturb anyone.

    I am hoping to get a place of my own soon or at some time in the near future so that I don’t have this nagging problem because if I get a place of my own to live in I will happily wear diapers 24/7 without anyone questioning my motives but firstly I need to find a permanent job that pays me enouth that I can afford to buy diapers and indulge my life in comfort and peace without any arguments or disappointments.

    Anyway to sum up the reasons I wear diapers are as follows:

    1. For comfort and protection against embarrassing accidents and to keep my cloths dry and clean.

    2. Convenience I don’t have to rush to the toilet every time I get the urge and to avoid un hygienic public toilets and therefore avoid any infectious diseases.

    3. To help me to relax and sleep better at night and therefore be less stressed out the next day and therefore a better person through self-improvement.

    4. For need as I have a medical/psycallogical condition that requires me to wear them.

    5. To re engage with my lost childhood years as wearing diapers brings back feelings and memories of my past and to treat my inner child/toddler.

    6. Because I have money to buy them and there for manage my incontinence problems and to not have any emergency oh my god I am not going to make it moments.

    7. Productivity I don’t have to leave my post when I am at work to go to the toilet every 5-10 minuets and there for am more reliable to my employers.

    8. Because I want to wear them and become more independent and live my life to the fullest extent and not have to worry about what other people think (within reason) as long as I am not breaking any laws by doing so.

  17. Kwan Ming July 24, 2015 at 6:42 am - Reply

    My earliest memories of wearing diapers started from when I was 18 months old in 1982, back then I didn’t have a choice but to wear them.

    I remember wearing Pampers diapers and enjoying them as they made me feel comfortable and secure as well as soft and crinkly and I wanted to wear them forever until a couple of years layer when my life changed and not by choice as mentioned bellow.

    But after I was potty trained aged 2-3 years old I lost all interest in wearing them as I was trained diapers are for babies, I only re-aquirred my interest in wearing them when I was aged 8 years old because I was curious and the box of diapers was stored under my bunk bed and I had ready access to it so I use-to put one on by myself to use during my age regression sessions.

    I later lost interest again after my supply of diapers finally dried out after my younger brother was potty trained at the same age I was he would have been 2-3 years old in 1990, before we moved abroad to live in Hong Kong.

    Later in life aged 30 years old in 2010 my life changed forever and out of all recognition due to incontinence related accidents and having to return to wearing diapers, although I made that choice on my own having been in several embarrassing situations, and as a result I haven’t looked back since then.

    Having to wear diapers again brings back feelings and memories flooding back that I haven’t experienced in a very long time and they are extremely joyfull to say the least.

    My memories of wearing diapers aren’t just physical but emotional ones and for the most part they are a part of who I am nowadays and I won’t change that for anything, as specially because they are my memories and nobody else’s to own and they take up pride of places in my subconscious mind in the form of dreams, and the reason I am telling my stories on this web-site is to preserve them in the event I start to loose them later in my life.

    I find a whole lot of inner peace whilst wearing my diapers and writing about my experiences and it’s almost like my body is getting in touch with my inner child/toddler and I don’t ever want to loose that feeling of innocence and simplicity I feel in my heart.

    One other thing before I go off-line, I use-to have a soulmate in the form of a golden labrador/retreiver named freeway who I knew for five wonderfull years from 2001-2005 her name was freeway and she was the love of my life whilst I was living in lodgings in Harrogate North Yorkshire UK.

    And as many of you have probebly noticed she is my avatar as she gave me the best five years of my life, saddly she is no more a part of this world as she died aged 13 &1/4 on October 15th 2005, and it’s now been almost 11 years since then.

    I will at some point in my life get a new female golden Labrador retreiever of my own who I will look after and love for the whole of her life as this time around I will get her as a puppy and then I will have a longer time to enjoy her in all her majesty and splendour, And I will name her after my late beloved friend in her memory.

    I will also train her to wear diapers for her whole life at night as I don’t want her messing my house out and being embarrassed and also because I will be wearing diapers myself as well because of incontinence problems obviously with a dog I won’t keep her in diapers 24/7 because of the obvious health implications but I will insist whilst she is at home she wears diapers.

    And I will be doing the same by following my own rules but all of this is provisional as I need to find my own place to live first and that obviously means moving out of my current shared housing and finding a new job so I can afford to have a new dog in the first place and having her choose me as her new soulmate as freeway did all those years before.

    Freeway was a rescued dog and she had been crely left by her previous irresponsible owners to die on a busy road in a cardboard box as a puppy, fortunately for her she found a new loving home with my friends who took her in as there own and adopted her and gave her a new lease of life and I for that reason admire them for saving her life and for giving her the good life she so obviously deserved, I also gave her a good life in the final 5 years of her existence on earth.

    She was so good to me that I will never forget her for the rest of my life and I hope one day to meet her again as I promised her before she died, and for that reason I will always love her and never let go of the happier times we spent together as they where so special I can’t describe how joyfull I felt having that someone who loved me unconditionally and who cared for me as much or even more than I did for her.

    And although I have never been married I do feel our friendship was akind to that way of life as she showed me all that was precious in life and taught me the importance of true love and for that I can’t thank her enouth as I made me the better person I am today as I absolutely love caring for animals and can’t stop supporting charities that give rescued animals as specially dogs a new lease of life.

    Thanks to everyone reading my stories and to Adrian surley in particular for providing such a wonderful website so people like myself can safely use and to voice our points of view.

    This story was written by: Kwan Ming

    On: Friday 24/7/2015 at 11:00 Am Greenwich mean time, In the Lakes District, Cumbria in the United Kingdom.

    If anyone wishes to reply to this post please do so using your respect and honesty.

    • Rexie July 24, 2015 at 12:09 pm - Reply

      Really awesome and heart-felt post. Thank you for sharing so intimately your thoughts and feelings. I think many people who are in touch with their inner little also have a strong affinity for animals. I was once quite active on the AB sites, esp. fetlife, but I decided last winter it was far more important for me to spend any free time I might use in hollow online conversation with AB folk instead by showering our two cats, Punkin and Peanut, with affection. As a result of doing that I am a much happier person. I hope you are able to find yourself in a situation which will allow you to adopt another lab. In the meantime, I hope you continue to spend time reflecting on your former dog and to prepare, mentally and spiritually, for your next one.

      • Kwan Ming August 2, 2015 at 7:12 am - Reply

        Thank you Rexie sorry It’s taken me a week to reply to you, work and all but it’s nice to hear I am not alone on this website.

        Yours sincerely: Kwan Ming

  18. Kwan Ming August 1, 2015 at 5:52 am - Reply

    I Remember Being a baby.

    My earliest memories are of wearing pampers diapers for the first time, here are some of my earliest memories in detail as mentioned earlier they where spent in the Cayman Islands.


    1. I can remember being pushed around in my buggy/ pram and wearing a T-shirt and a diaper at that time I was only 3-4 months old at this time and being pushed whilst going shopping with mum.

    I remember clearly my first introduction to swimming and swimming underwater seeing the fish for the first time as it was so clear it was like an aquarium I was still very young at this time.

    My first Hurricane, I remember helping dad hammer in the nails on the wooden bord/cladding protecting our windows and being told to stop, I also remember later the howling of the wind it sounded like a banshees wailing and later seeing the sun comming out again briefly before the storm got worse we where in the eye of the hurricane. It was only years later I recalled its name was Catreina (not the one in 2005).


    2. Going to KFC for breakfast and sitting in a high chair whilst eating kellogs cornflakes in a bowl with milk, I was 18 months old at that time.

    3. Listening to the radio broadcast about the Falkland islands war I remember it clearly because it was the first time I was introduced to the notion of war as a word.

    4. Watching E.T. for the first time at the cinemas and being inspired by it all I remember crying at the end of the movie because of Elliot’s goodbye to E.T.

    5. Being cared for and that usually entailed a diaper change or two depending on how many accidents I had remember I was only a baby at that time.

    6.My first time I met father Christmas, I remember being at a beach party and watching in astonishment as father Christmas was parachuted out of an over flying aircraft he landed on the beach and began to hand out presents.

    7. An un happy time at Mr Budds Pre-school I remember being bitten on the hand by a kid about my age who was my first bully, I can recall his name was max, the boy obviously had problems/issues.

    8. The royal family visiting Cayman, I remember being held up and hoisted on to my fathers back to get a glimpse of the royal family whilst waving a union jack flag and watching the limousine go past.

    9. Pirates Day Parade, I remember watching musical steal drums being played by the University of Cayman band and watching people dressed up as pirates throwing gifts to the public whilst their coca cola trucks went past.

    10. Playing on my first merry go round, I remember seeing a merry go round out side our apartments near the back of the tennis courts near the baytrees.
    And occasionally seeing the moon buggies that where near our apartment because we where near the beach/cove.

    11. Danger in Paradise, dads private motor boat, dad use to take mum and I around the bay for a tour of the coastline one day I remember the boat getting swamped and very nearly sunk by a series of large waves and us having to bail it out.

    12. The grounding of the Rhapsody of the seas, I remember seeing it on the reef the next day after it was ran aground by it’s captain and it was my first good look at a cruise ship from close up, she was grounded for 2-3 months whilst they tried everything to get her off the reef, they tried blasting her off and cutting a v shaped hole in the reef and even sending divers down to servay her un the end mother nature intervened and she floated free on the next high tide.


    13. I can remember watching Concord arrive I Cayman for the first time and watching I land I remember being mesmorised by its beautifully speak profile when compared to other aircraft I even remember the Registration number was G-BOAC later I would see that same aircraft years later at the museum of flight in Edinburgh in 2013.


    14. Sad memories of leaving the Cayman Islands, I remember being taken to the airport by mum & dad and bording a British Airways plane back to London Heathrow via Miami and looking out of the window and seeing Cayman for the last time.

    I have other memories but I’ll keep that until I write my book about my life.

    I hope that you enjoyed reading them.
    And goodbye.

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