Deep down in most people there is a part of them that wants to regress to a small part of living the life of a baby. Whether it is the care-free lifestyle, the simple life, back to the basics or the more materialistic things such as wearing

diapers, being taken care of or being spoon fed. From the outside, the ABDL world may appear foreign and strange to those that look at it and judge. But, when those same people delve into what the ABDL world is really all about then I am sure they could relate on some level.


The real world nowadays is filled with even more life stressors and pressures that forces people to grow up quicker and quicker. The freedom and stress-relief that slipping into an

adult diaper and walking around the comfort of your home allows people to take a break from those pressures.

The reality of the adult baby and diaper lover world is that many people could find some part to relate to if they gave it a chance. Unlike other things out there such as fetishes – the ABDL world embraces the psyche of just about anyone with the ability to regress back to a time when life was simple.

The many things I love about slipping into a

thick adult diaper and walk around in my
favorite t-shirt is the freedom. My heart rate automatically drops 5-10 beats sometimes when I am just laying around on a Sunday afternoon in just my diaper and t-shirt. I don’t feel sexy that much in my diaper but I can tell you my husband finds it so sexy when I put my hair up and have a thick diaper on and t-shirt.

The reality of adult babies is that we are normal everyday people that have found the magic in being able to find some peace in something innocent that is able to calm the soul and provide enjoyment all at the same time. Diaper lover or adult baby, whatever you wanna call us – we all have our difference nuances – we all share a unique interest that is more unique than any other lifestyle.

Many people have contacted me over the life of my blog that you would not absolutely believe who they are. I have heard from actors, celebrities, politicians, farmers, TV anchors, doctors, lawyers, and many many more. They have confided in me for various things and contacted me asking for various things. Some people inquire about my favorite products whether it be my favorite adult diaper or my favorite changing products. Some others have asked how I hide diapers in public or just simply giving me praise for being so open.

Take note adult baby and diaper lover world – you are not alone out there – and I assure you there are MANY of us out there and some that you would NEVER believe are into wearing diapers.

Until next time y’all! Stay diapered!

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  1. iam32bit September 25, 2016 at 11:46 pm - Reply

    Hi Adrian,

    I am not certain that I would ever consider myself a Diaper Lover. I do like using them for their intended purpose. From time to time, I wear them for the convenance of not having to stop what I am doing to use the bathroom. I work on projects that require devoted attention, I also have to support people over the phone and can’t tell them “Can I call you back, I have to pee”.

    Also waking up every night to pee is annoying. If Diapers weren’t so expensive I would use them much more often.

    There is that stigma that is hard to change. People think there is something wrong with using them for their intended purpose. I feel like I have to justify wearing them. Coming from a family of Overactive Bladders, I am surprised I am not using Diapers more often.

    Thanks for all the work you put into your blog!

  2. Brian Bee October 10, 2016 at 4:09 am - Reply

    hello.. I admire your supportive words about diapers. I wear a variety, 24/7 and do need them. Medically, my diapers and general incontinent supplies. I can be an adult baby because I do enjoy and make te most of wearing babyish onesies or diapers. I am older and had several surgeries that made my leakage problems very real. My wife is supportive in me wearing special garments, as she calls them and made me some onesies too. I look forwards to your continued blog.

  3. Kwan Ming October 13, 2016 at 8:47 am - Reply

    Hi Adrian sorry it’s taken me so long to get back in touch with your website, like yourself I find that wearing diapers whilst being at home or on holiday abroud in the privacy of my room a great relief from the stress of every day life as specially since I got fired and lost my job earlier this year through no fault of my own.

    I find myself slipping on a diaper or two and laying there in bed without a care in the world just to try and get over my pycalogical truma caused by various things in my life past and present, when I am in a diaper all my worries seem to vanish into thin air and I have some time to be me and not some autronitron or robotic thing.

    I love nothing more than feeling of being soothed by the diaper and by drifting off into a more natural sleep and then quite literally sleeping like a baby/toddler again and although I don’t consider myself as a adult baby or diaper lover I think I am somewhat in between the two categories.

    Next year I am going into care with a charity called mencap they help people like myself who are disabled and wish to become independent and own pr live in there own places or in shared care homes, often this requires that the person/client moves out of their parents/relatives house into new accommodation.

    And then requires a full check up/assessment by medical practitioners and may also include a pycalogical check up as well, if I am choosen for this then I am going to try and get myself reassessed as being incontinent and needing diapers by a new doctors as my first diagnosis was wrong.

    If I can get myself back into wearing diapers full-time then I will try to not fight my body anymore and will most probably revert back to an untoilet trained individual much like I was when I was a toddler all those years ago.

    Although I am not waiting until then as I am already in the process of training myself to wear diapers so that it can help with my assessment.

    Obviously I’ll keep you updated as to what happens next as it will be an exciting time for me in my life.

  4. Austin October 17, 2016 at 2:46 am - Reply

    I like diapers but no one knows but me. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can get them without anyone knowing?

  5. Randy kelbough November 20, 2016 at 4:53 am - Reply

    I really like wearing my diapers to I have to wear them for urge Incontinence when I’m at home I like just to wear a disposable diaper and tea shirt until I go outside I sleep better and am more relaxed it took me a while to get use to wearing them and I use attend waist band style I sure like wearing them I now have freedom now I don’t have to worry where I am or what I’m doing I sure enjoy your posts and all your information they sure have helped me and a lot of the comments have helped me thank you

  6. william butler December 6, 2016 at 11:45 pm - Reply

    When u going to have a meeting I want to go to one

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