In my opinion, note MY OPINION, an adult baby is one that is considered 18+, classified themselves as an adult baby, and engages in adult baby activity.  That is fine and dandy as well as easy to classify them in my opinion.  The line becomes a bit blurred when we are referring to teenagers that engage in such activity like wearing diapers and acting like a baby.  People will argue all day that there should be a place for teenagers to converse online for this kind of activity…and I AGREE with that idea; BUT, I agree ONLY if it were only teenagers which is impossible in the internet day and age.  Thus, I do not support sites that actively ‘advertise’ themselves to the younger crowd or as people who are 18+ refer to them legally as – underage.

You can argue with me and make yourselves feel better all day long until you are blue in the face but the fact is that sites that ACTIVELY advertise themselves as conversational forums for younger than 18 (teenagers) are wrong in this day and age and ESPECIALLY for the ABDL community.  Of course I am referring to ADISC – who blatantly caters to the ‘younger’ crowd which in MY opinion is wrong…if you want to argue, trust me you are wasting your breath.  Now, some people will say but sites like DailyDiapers has teenagers on it as well – which you are CORRECT.  BUT, there is a big difference – DailyDiapers does not cater nor actively advertises themselves or is known for hosting younger than 18 year old content whether it is discussion, photos, etc.  That is a big difference whether you like it or not.

Everyone is correct in saying that older people will sometimes say they are younger and younger people will lie and say they are older just to gain access or what not to a forum.  That is the internet, unfortunately.  But, the difference comes from a site that caters and harbors that and a site that does not.  There in lies my problem with sites like ADISC…of course, people are around that age don’t understand that yet and appreciate a place like that but don’t fully comprehend the dangers that can occur there both illegally and morally.  Not to mention it CAN make bad press for the ABDL community.

So where do teenagers that wear diapers or what not fit into the whole ABDL community online?  Good question…because I honestly have no idea.  I recognize they need a place for support but I don’t condone sites that actively harbor content on the internet that are geared to underage people in the ABDL content…period.  There are too many risks, liabilities, etc etc.  Maybe, it is the materal instinct in me that I feel so strongly about this – I have no idea but I just think its wrong.  It only takes one bad apple in a forum to cause some really terrible things and sites that promote themselves actively for teenagers to converse in an adult baby type context are just breeding grounds for something bad to happen.  Maybe, nothing bad as ever happened from a site like ADISC or maybe it has?  Maybe you haven’t heard about it? Does that matter whether you have or haven’t? Do you want to take that risk?  These are questions you should be considering.  Of course, there are a few other sites similar to ADISC, but it is just one of the bigger ones.

I am sure there will be some backlash from this post like there always is both here and on there site.  I am sure they will say the same old thing about me as they always do and that is fine…it becomes comical to me that some of them actually think I care or it affects me.  As always, I say what I feel and I am forward – you don’t like it – well that’s fine.  Facts are facts…places that in anyway cater to those under the age of 18 years old especially in the context of something like ABDLism – will only be a matter of time if it already hasn’t happened that something regrettable, unfortunate, and disgusting will happen.  Bring on the arguments 🙂.

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  1. Steven January 8, 2011 at 1:28 am - Reply

    You’re starting to sound pessimistic! 🙁
    Don’t let the haters make you think less of this community. 🙂

  2. black-dragon January 8, 2011 at 1:38 am - Reply

    Hi Adrian. You got a good topic to start off your new year with your first post of the year here. For the most of all that is if its known widely or not known when the individual discovers the world of AB/DL. With the site, I don’t really know anything about it. I’ve looked around it but couldn’t read anything on there that caught my eye because it told me that i need to be registered before I could read what I would click on. I’ll say that age does play a major start this TB/AB/DL community. If I remember, I was around 17 or 18 when I was looking around the internet then when I was still living with my folks when I for the most part took a private interest to all of this. I got caught one time not directly but my dad said in a tone and I KNEW what he meant and never use the internet at home for this interest again.

    I think I kinda started off with reading AB/DL theme stories which I think was a main part of my start. I mainly was at the local library reading those stories on the net down there as to not get caught at home. Here is a site that has a lot of info on it to help us all out.

    I’ve looked around it before and still do and it really can make one just think. Say, does anyone here remember that Episdoe of CSI, King Baby?! I’ve only seen a few clips here and there on diaperspace on there video section and can’t remember who has them posted. So, I’ve never seen the whole episode.

    Back to teenagers to the world of AB/DL, I’ll say our current day and age of technolgy will most likely play a big part in terms of the amount of info anyone would want to know about AB/DL. Yeah, there are a lot of dangers here in terms of how it is interperted if by a teenager vs there parent. If I had to venture a guess and I would say most parents in general saw diaper used in this manner its not right and most likely diaper porn. Of course there are extremely different levels in that line of thought. A bad example would be this site here Clearly this site is intended for Adults Only. I’m sure you can find some simialar video over on as well and maybe not as bad on Same thing over on

    Also back to teenagers again I would say they could go into the TB world say if they want to use that knowledge for stress relief if they happen by any chance to have medical incontince. Also along that same line would be say being a bedwetter and how they and there parents handle plastic sheets, disposable diapers or cloth diapers and plastic pants and or discipline from parents for there kid wetting the bed if they chose to use that kind of discipline.

    For this reply here I’ll say its been all over the place. I do how ever think that I have it a fair number of related topics to this topic here that I’m replying to. Been a while, but I’ll say this is a very big reply and it felt as if I was writing a blog myself on someone elses blog. Ha! Ha! Take it easy and have a good night.

  3. Adrian January 8, 2011 at 2:51 am - Reply

    No worries, I do not think less of this community. I do however think some people in this community have their head in the clouds when it comes to the real world especially when it comes to common sense on topics like this. Just think of if your child engaged in a conversation with an adult on a board like that and ended up meeting/chatting/whatever and things went wrong…ramifications at that age are very detrimental both psychologically and even physically in situations like that.

  4. Abysitter January 8, 2011 at 8:09 am - Reply

    I agree with you for the most part. I’ve taken great pains to keep my own blog,, from being linked from ADISC. My blog has a mixture of true stories (some involving sexual activity) and photos (some which would seem to be ‘diaper porn’), and I don’t need the kind of traffic being linked from ADISC would bring.

    On the other hand, I believe that teens should have an ABDL resource on the web. Its webmasters should take care to ensure safety warnings appear often, and that all users have the ability to report inappropriate content or actions. As for pictures, I’m still not sure; diaper pictures of teens aren’t necessarily porn, but they aren’t right, either. Still, if you don’t give teens into diapers a place to explore this lifestyle they’ll just fake profiles and join adult sites.

    As an abysitter I’ve diapered a few dozen ABDLs, most younger. I am very clear about my 18+ rule, in any state I’m in regardless of the age of consent. Still, that doesn’t stop people under 18 from trying; they’re looking for that daddy experience, and some are desperate enough to lie to try to get it. I “card”, just like the lady at the gas station if you’re trying to buy Four Loko. I’ll blog about this one day in the future… interesting stuff.

  5. Darren January 8, 2011 at 11:20 am - Reply

    I totally agree! I myself am new to the AB/DL community and am lookin for people to talk to for support and any answers(not having much luck either though, but i digress). And for as confused an alone as I feel.. Id hate to be a teenager an be going through this. Teen years are hard enough!! Its unfortinate that there are people out there that are willing to take advatage of these teens for thier own plewp_e. We all need support!!

  6. Amanda January 9, 2011 at 5:08 pm - Reply

    Both ADISC and Daily diapers are terrible. The former cause they expect you to reveal every personal data about you except your diaper loving issues. The latter is mostly made out of men. That’s ok but some keep creeping on members during on line chat.

    For the record I hate the AB life/lifestyle but I wont say bad about anyone who does it. But dont anyone get me started on it. I’m a pure DL.

  7. Shaun January 9, 2011 at 6:03 pm - Reply

    I agree that teens need to be protected. I’ve seen this whole community go from a male dominant which it still is to a very broad spectrum. I get a little turned off by how grown women are targeted on many of the websites out there. Though I be a hypocrite if i said that I never enjoyed looking at pics from say diapergal. However I do not target women for the same reason. Sonic is happening with grown women imagine the allure of a teenage girl or boy. Honestly i feel there are straight predators out there. Now i know that not all in the Abdl community are like this I’m not! So I propose that the only real solution is that the teens take it upon themselves to administer and regulate a website where perhaps a photo I’d like school I’d would allow admittance. They run it they allow members to join. This way they can talk about this with their own peers. That my two sense.

  8. Adrian January 9, 2011 at 7:38 pm - Reply

    For those posting links to ADISC, please do not as I will not approve comments linking to that site. I am sure there is a huge thread there completely full of hate and that is fine. I can’t read it as I am not a member. I can only imagine the maturity going on over there 🙂

    At least I am somewhat respectful in my opinion. I should post the comments/emails/etc that I get from people that support ADISC and just how hate filled some of them are. I have had already 2 comments from people supporting ADISC saying they hope my “first born child dies”. And, believe me that is just a sample.

    Like I have always said – people who make those kinds of comments are the people that can be dangerous to underage people.

  9. Dashiell January 9, 2011 at 11:40 pm - Reply

    Not trying to argue with you; but if you could show me how ADISC ‘actively advertises’ itself AT ALL, let alone specifically to teenagers, that would be grand.
    My understanding of what you’re saying here is that ADISC actually targets or ‘advertises’ to young people leading into a false sense of security on the internet. The way I see it, ADISC among a few other sites appears in search results for teen baby, seeing how it’s one of the only sites that caters for teen babies; that is not ‘active advertising’.
    Again, if you could back that up with something that evidently shows their ‘active advertising’, then I might understand.

    Lastly; if you can find me any public website strictly for teenagers, or similarly a fetish website of any kind for teenagers – that has somehow successfully prevented anybody that isn’t a teenager from accessing it – then you have my absolute sympathy.

    From what I can see, the ADISC forum in no way, shape or form portrays itself as a community purely for teenagers… but rather a community for anyone. And while I get that there is risk in that for minors, that risk cannot be eliminated on any public website.

    And on that, if you don’t mind I’ll just take the moral high-ground when understandably you won’t publish or even acknowledge this comment, nor theoretically prove me wrong.

    Don’t like it? That’s fine 😉
    Personally, I’m loving it.

  10. black-dragon January 10, 2011 at 12:57 am - Reply

    Hey Adrian. No problems with posting links to sites that you don’t like such as ADISC as mention on this topic here. If you like, you can remove the link to link that I put in my first reply to this topic. As for those comments sent to you, I would all most say that sounds a bit to threating quote “first born child dies” unquote. It might make one want to register at this site just to read whats going on over there. I’ll also say if you recieved those kind of comments it would most likely have been an adult on there than a teen. No worries as I don’t have any profile on any AB/DL site mainly because I work to much and just can’t find the time to due so.

    @ Shaun I have a question for you. If teens did make and mangage their own site for fellow diapered teens and stories and what not, how would they know what to do if they are only really getting started in this community without getting into the dark side of thing here, lets say current knowledge from current adult view and support from their parents that I’ll say would not like that idea.

    If not for protceting teens, what would be the best way to protect them?! GPS tracking on any phones these days to trackers on cars. Would teens feel like they are being spied on from parents with any number of Programs to watch online activity to Internet on Blackberry phone or any other gadet out there today with internet. If I had to guess as far as I know, I would say there are not many if any books that are out there that I’m not aware of in regards to the world of AB/DL or anything related Infantilism.

    Well, thats it for my second reply and all take it easy for tonight.

  11. Adrian January 10, 2011 at 1:01 am - Reply

    Dashiell: I appreciate the seemingly respectful comment although I would appreciate the not assuming I won’t publish it because of you disagreeing…Most people just don’t disagree in a civilized and respectful manner.

    Here is my explanation to that: It “actively advertises” itself to young people in the sense that it caters to them…has a Teen Baby section among other things. No, it doesn’t put up banners in that sense but it does not have to. It also says on registration “Teens are welcome” hence it caters and welcomes them into a community forum along side adults on a topic that is sexual to many which can be detrimental in some cases. Not saying it has happened, maybe it has, but it definitely harbors a forum that welcomes it. You are taking “active advertising” to mean physical banners…obviously, you are not too keen on advertising strategies – which includes search engine optimization among many other things hence why when you search for Teen babies they probably pop up first…

    On your other point about a public website strictly for teenagers – I cannot and I admitted that I had NO answer for the solution…hence the title of my post with a question mark. I didn’t say I have all the answers but common sense says you don’t mix a fetish to many with young people and adults in the same active community…that is common sense…its just asking for trouble. I acknowledge that it happens other places and forums but every one knows ADISC is where a good portion of them are and it welcomes them. Bad combination.

    There all in one – I published your comment, acknowledged it, and “theoretically” proved you wrong on multiple levels. First, in the real world mixing a fetish that is mostly associated with adults with teenagers is wrong and welcoming that is wrong => ADISC is wrong for welcoming that. Second, I said I don’t have the answer in my originally post, I just said it was wrong and I don’t know how to solve the teenager issue – I just point out that its not a safe environment in certain cases. 🙂

  12. Nick Naylor January 10, 2011 at 3:28 am - Reply

    I’m a diaper lover, but I’m a father first. Being such, I would say that with all fetish websites, they should never have minors and adults together on the same site. Ever. The only thing that could come of it is trouble, and I wouldn’t want my children anywhere that could possibly have predators. Which there are likely to be on fetish websites.

    Now, the problem is what to do with diaper lovers that are still under eighteen. We all know good and well that we had the desire for a long time, my feelings started to shine through at about thirteen. You know they’re not going to tell anyone, it’s far too embarassing. It shouldn’t be, but it is. Now, they have nobody they know that they are going to tell, so what are they going to do? What I did, which is look on the internet. If we are going to keep children seperate from adults there has to be a legitimate, exclusive place they can go and be with people their own age. Until that is done, it is going to be incredibly difficult to get them away from places like adisc.

    That’s the end of that rant.

  13. Aneira January 10, 2011 at 1:24 pm - Reply

    ADISC doesn’t actively discuss sexual ‘fetish’ topics, even if they do show up from time to time. And even if they do, it’s handled with thoughtful tact. Not to mention the whole system ADISC has in place for handling any kind of paedophilia that could show up. (Believe it or not, it did happen, and the mods got the guy in jail.)

    What you’re basically implying is that AB/DL is always a sexual fetish, which it’s not, and that teenagers, simply because they’re below the age of consent in their area, aren’t mature enough to protect their privacy and talk to adults. Extending that, you’re pretty much also saying that everybody on ADISC is a creeper/paedophile. (Which even isn’t technically correct in itself, because teenagers are in puberty, and the sexual attraction towards teenagers is called ephebophilia, which is almost natural due to the peak of hormones during the adolescent period. Not that we have any of those on ADISC, but the whole paedophilia = attraction towards anybody under 18 is a societal assumption, not an objective fact.)

    In my humble opinion, ADISC has never been and never will be, a sexual ‘pornographic’ site. Yes, I understand that you wish to ‘save’ these poor teenagers from the big bad diaper bullies, but think about it from their point of view, and then think about it even harder.

    Oh, and quick question: Do you also think that gay teens talking to gay adults about the confusion that goes along with being ‘different’ is bad, and assume that the kid’s going to get raped simply because he’s talking to an adult?

    There’s going to be bad apples everywhere, probably including here, but don’t single out one site just because it invites teens to talk about their interests and get support from mature, rational adults. In fact, teens are much more likely to be exploited on MySpace or Facebook than they are on TB sites.

    I’m just sayin’.

  14. ano January 10, 2011 at 6:14 pm - Reply

    I see you already know that it’s hard to come up with a perfect way of dealing with underaged people being interested in topics that can be sexual.

    For me, ADISC (which was named differently when I joined first) really worked, though. There were a lot of bad sites around 7 years ago, and that board and another site (teenbabynet) were the only good places to be around if you didn’t want to be chatted up by weird strangers or weirded out by galleries full of diaper porn at age 15.

    It’s probably because people on those two sites were actively trying to create a nice place for inexperienced TB/DLs (and themselves). On those sites I could ask for help (where should I hide my stuff from my brother, how do I get diapers safely, how unhealthy is staying in a poopy diaper?), share/read up on thoughts on ‘why’ I like the stuff I do (I mean, who doesn’t think he’s just crazy and should see a doctor about it when he first finds out his unique interest?), or read non-18+ fiction about diapers (which lets you ‘vent’ some of the bottled up feelings you have when you can’t experience something you really want to experience, like wearing a diaper or having a close relationship).

    I also learned about what not to post on the internet or in private chats on those two sites, although I have to admit that I knew a lot of this beforehand because I’m computer savy. But it’s the accomplishment of both of these sites that I knew I could just message the mods personally if someone bothered me, especially because some of them were the same age as me (I actually didn’t know if they were telling the truth about their age back then, of course, but after hanging around a few years you get to know the people enough to validate these things, so apperantly the world is not completely infested with bad people only 🙂 ).

    So, yeah, I see your point about not allowing underage people discussing possibly sexual topics with non-underage people around, but if it hadn’t been for the older adisc or teenbabynet I’d have had to deal with d**ker, diaper-****, y***, and god knows what kind of sites, but with them it really worked out well for me and I accepted this side of myself, always stayed on the safe side during my experiments, and didn’t get found out (too often 😉 ).

    Oh, and even if we could just shut off ALL sites allowing underage participation on the internet: I don’t think any porn site is a good community for a 15 year old to smuggle into, even if you can’t really stop 15-year-olds from looking at porn from time to time.

  15. zombieguy January 11, 2011 at 1:35 am - Reply

    I really like that you’ve brought this topic up. It made me think back to when i was a teenager and how finding websites online helped me come to terms and feel like less of an oddball. Everyone here is right in that there should be a clear line, I have a son and frankly I’de rather when he grows up he did’nt have the opportunity to talk with a few of the people i have.
    Maybe as a secondary topic , what should parents be doing to keep an eye out for this, as a dad i think about this A LOT , i dont want my son hurt but at what point does the privacy end?

    Also , while reading through these posts and typing my own , i would love to hear stories from you and peter about your experiences growing up (I
    m not incontinent so I cant imagine how that would genuinely feel going through highschool; which is hard enough)

    As always i love reading your blogs thank you 🙂 keep posting!


  16. Johnny January 11, 2011 at 6:11 pm - Reply

    I never really thought about how mixing teens in with adults could be so bad. I always thought it was a great place for everyone with such a taboo fetish to go and find out that there not alone(any website), but after reading your blog i started to think about it some more, and i completely agree that no matter what, we shouldnt mix adults with underage! I am a single father to a 14 year old girl, and i sure as hell wouldnt want her coming on some site and having a grown man talk to her, just because they had a fetish in common!!–and your right on about how if we dont start being careful(and having adults only) bad stuff could happen that would make being an adult baby or diaper lover sick instead of kinky!!

  17. nhdl January 11, 2011 at 7:17 pm - Reply

    I agree with you Adrian 100%. Underage kids mingling online with adults is not a good thing and can lead to loads of trouble.

  18. Person January 11, 2011 at 9:59 pm - Reply

    I am a teen-age DL and have done lots of stuff on the internet about it. If anything, younger DL’s belong on The ABDL community there is very polite and respectful of one another. In fact, more and more girls are showing up there, which makes any abuse or special treatment they get even smaller than before. And no, almost all of them are actual girls, I’ve spent a lot of time studying internet behavior, I can tell.

    Please email me if you have anything to say to me about this, this is a very interesting subject you’ve brought up to me!

  19. Chris January 13, 2011 at 3:10 am - Reply

    One thing to remember is that teenagers at a younger age are very confused about their sexual urges and should not be speaking with random adults about it.

    The sexual mind of a teenage and adult are two separate points of mind.

    Most teenagers wont speaking to their parents out of embarrassment.

    There is no place safe for these children to deal with their sexual ideals and maybe that is what is best for now is for them to deal with it personally if not with their parents.

  20. jag January 13, 2011 at 11:57 am - Reply

    Actually…. there is sorta a site for teenages…well… its more just a kid-friendly diaper site

    its all artits (some of them are actually pretty damn good) and the site owner really wants to keep the site clean for said reasons. I recamend you go take a look.

  21. Chris January 14, 2011 at 2:28 am - Reply

    Maybe its not so much kids dealing with it on the internet.

    Maybe parents need to be the one to step up and talk with their kids about their sexual urges, it may be embarrassing but thats part of being a parent.

  22. Bill January 15, 2011 at 2:37 pm - Reply

    I don’t know what happens when you become a parent, but it appears that your children become things that you have to “protect” from the world instead of treating them like the humans they are. Not to mention that teens are already young adults (and this is merely semantic, but the later teen years are completely of age too). They aren’t 5 years old.

    Your job as a parent is ultimately to give your children the tools and sense they need to get through life on their own. Not put trivial barriers in their way. You claim that these awful things could happen to them, but the reality is that nothing will happen that a teen doesn’t agree to when they’re taking reasonable steps to protect their own information. If you give them the good sense to deal with sick advances and to be careful with their information, then they’re far better protected than if a forum doesn’t “actively advertise that they welcome teens.”

    They might make a poor decision, sure, but would you rather forbid them from going to places so they have to hide their decision or would you rather have them talk to you about the decision they’re having trouble with making? One gives you a chance to set things right. The other doesn’t.

    You don’t get rid of problems by taking care of their symptoms. You get rid of problems by attacking the root, and the root is not that people are sick. People have always, are always, and will always be sick. The root issue is that we have to be careful who we associate with and divulge information to. You don’t take care of this problem by removing places to associate.

    The younger generations are already at a disadvantage because it’s socially regular to put virtually all their information out there and it never goes away. I’ve seen people on a non-fetish forum post in a fetish thread about the things they like and they have their names in other posts on the same forum, easily searchable, etc.

    Give them the lessons they need about how and why this is a bad idea. Don’t simply forbid it. That’s what being a parent is supposed to be. Yes, predators are bad, but predatory behavior exists both with and without teen sites. Even if you could make a perfect system to filter out teens (you can’t), there are still plenty of other places – chatrooms, social network sites, etc.

    Ergo, I submit that taking down teen sites will accomplish nothing.

  23. Johnny January 15, 2011 at 7:20 pm - Reply

    You might be forgetting how easily a teen can be influenced. Its true that its a parents job to give there child the tools to get through life with, but its also the job of responsible adults to lead by some sort of example. When we put on websites that its “adult only” were showing people who do not have the same fetish and might run across these sites that it is in no way related to children or people underage(which would be my worst nightmare to have them confused in anyway!!)

  24. babyemo January 15, 2011 at 8:58 pm - Reply

    The only way to stop the fetish interaction between adults and minors is not having a place to converse. ALL Abdl sites are either picture or forum/chat oriented. The ONLY
    “safe” way to deliver the “you are not alone” message to the youngsters is to create a site with no way to talk to other people. a diverse site can still exist without a chat or forum or gallery. hand picked articles, interviews with manufacturers and educational ideas would have those under 18 kept busy. The idea here is that there is no user-submitted content, and no sexually based content. there are many videos about “how diapers are made”, interviews with people that develop diapers, child/teen advocates, and mental health professionals that would all make for interesting, safe, and non-sexual interviewees.

  25. Duffy January 16, 2011 at 2:06 am - Reply

    I agree that anytime that adults and teens mix on the internet, there is the potential for inappropriate behavior, or at least the appearance of inappropriate behavior. However, that being said, I think that ADISC is a pretty well moderated site. Although I am over 18, I’m much more AB than DL. In fact, I find that the majority of diaper forums kind of squicky. I don’t want to see pictures of 40 year old men in diapers (or any pictures of people in diapers at all!), I don’t really want sexual content, and I don’t want to chat with horny men telling me they’re messy. The nice thing about ADISC is that much of that kind of content is banned, and bans on sexual content are enforced, at least as much as the moderators can.

    Does that mean that ADISC or any other diaper site is “safe” for teens? No, probably not; as others have already stated, if teens reveal personal information about themselves online, whether in the diaper community or in any other community, they put themselves at risk. That being said, if I had kids, I would rather they be on a site like ADISC than DD or another site with more sexualized content. This is not to say that DD or any other sites are bad (though they are not necessarily to my taste), but they are just much much less appropriate for underage people.

    Legally and morally speaking, I think a site like ADISC is fine so long as it does not contain sexual content and makes an active effort to police the exchange of real life information among its members that could lead to unsafe situations. It is no more inappropriate than, say, a site aimed at helping individuals come to terms with being gay that caters to people of all ages. (See Aneira’s comments above.)

    My fear regarding teen only forums (or teens going on “adult only” forums) is that teens’ judgment is simply not as developed as most (well, let’s add the word “responsible” here) adults. I don’t favor creating a community that encourages teens to lie about their age online and lacks responsible moderation ensuring at least PG-13 appropriateness. This allows predators to pray on children while the community as a whose turns a blind eye to the solicitation of and inappropriate exposure of material to underaged kids. That’s just as much a problem, one that’s even more dangerous to teens, because no one is even paying attention to what’s happening to them.

    Furthermore, I think that as ABDL individuals, we have to admit that we’re into some rather unusual stuff in the way that we form interpersonal relationships, in our emotional attachments to others (as ABs, for example), and in our relationship to society as a whole, a society that frowns on diaper-wearing for anyone over the age of 5. As a result, I think we have a responsibility to be mentors, to shepherd teens through an extremely trying period in their lives coming to grips with being AB/DL.

    Personally, my childhood was mediocre and my teens were extremely confusing, and I wish that I’d had a community to talk with about what I was going through, and that there were some older, experienced individuals who could help me come to terms with myself in a non-threatening, non-judgmental, and non-sexual environment. Is there a risk that the outside world isn’t going to understand us? Yes, there’s a 100% chance of that, and it’s precisely because of that we owe teens our resources, our time, our experiences, and our community to help them come to terms with themselves, whatever it is we are. The idea that teens are somehow going to be able to come to terms with their identities completely on their own without talking to anyone is ludicrous, especially in the age of the internet, and not only is the suggestion unrealistic, it shows a surprising lack of empathy from people who should completely understand sense of utter hopelessness and alienation that most kids experience at least a few times as they are discovering their AB/DL sides.

    Next, there is all of this fear in the AB/DL community that our interest in diapers somehow makes the outside world think of us as pedophiles, which is obviously not true. Does having teens and adults being part of the same community online somehow threaten us? Perhaps, but having teens with AB/DL desires exist and having internet access also threatens us, perhaps more so on site that aren’t teen-friendly that could be allowing predators to lurk. What threatens us, as a community, more than anything is websites that are devoted to solely to the sexualization of diapers and sites that encourage the sexualization of children, like YIOR (see or Deeker. I don’t see that ADISC doing that at all; in fact, they try to ensure that the people using their site do not post purely sexual material. This is hugely different from what a site like DD does, where sexual material is not only allowed, but encouraged. (Think: photos of people in diapers).

    FINALLY, (whew, sorry!) you’ve argued that ADISC “caters and harbors” underagers, however, I think the bigger risk is for sites like DD that know that underagers are using their site but are doing nothing to stop it. They may not allow photos to be posted that contain underage individuals, but let’s be honest: it’s hard to tell. Best not to allow photos to be posted at all, to moderate the conversation, and make sure it’s safe than to allow potential pedophiles (and I’m sure that there are some pedophiles in the AB/DL community, unfortunately, although the vast majority of us are not) to prey on young people online in an environment where sexual content is virtually unregulated and the only thing that makes someone 18 is their word. The things that you fear could happen to young people online won’t be stopped by an 18+ disclaimer on the front of a webpage; the only thing that can stop that is vigilant moderation, educating young people about the danger of giving out personal information online, and the creation of safe spaces where teens can be part of our community without lying. Do you really think that disclaimer completely indemnifies you legally? (Hint: Not completely.) More importantly, does it address your moral concerns? (Not at all.) Condemning sites like ADISC is completely washing your hands of teens, and saying that you don’t care enough about them to even commit yourself to ensuring that they are safe in our community, and I think that is reprehensible.

  26. Wayne January 19, 2011 at 10:47 am - Reply

    Wow! What a subject with major responses! It sucks that there is no place that could actually guarantee there were only under 18 on their sites.

    Anyway, I don’t accept knowingly anyone under 18 to my followers or friends on the social networks and cull the list once in a while on twitter.

    I wish I would have had all this info on the subject of the diaper wearing fetish back when I was a teen but only because I might have been able to find a girl friend who was into it like me but then there was no such thing as the internet then, but in a way, I am glad there wasn’t.

  27. Nick Naylor January 27, 2011 at 3:52 am - Reply

    why not? if it wasn’t for the internet I’d still feel like a psychotic freak of nature for being who I am. I am so glad that there is an internet that was able to help me figure out that I can’t change who I am and that there are a ton of others out there just like me that are having the same problems. Hell, the reason I’m doing my blog is so that I can help others that used to be where I was come to grips with reality and help them ease into this life.

    To be honest, I wish there had more info earlier instead of all the useless smut that didn’t help with anything other than some–base instincts. There needs to be more sites like this showing that even though we want to wear diapers, we’re not total freakshows like the way some media outlets and the dozens of abdl porn sites out there suggest. We’re just like everybody else. Well, I’d say we have nicer asses, but I’m probably just biased.

  28. Nick Naylor January 27, 2011 at 3:53 am - Reply

    To be honest, I wish there had been more info earlier instead of all the useless smut that didn’t help with anything other than some–base instincts. There needs to be more sites like this showing that even though we want to wear diapers, we’re not total freakshows like the way some media outlets and the dozens of abdl porn sites out there suggest. We’re just like everybody else. Well, I’d say we have nicer asses, but I’m probably just biased.

  29. John January 29, 2011 at 6:23 pm - Reply

    Adian I must say this is one of your lardgest toppics as a community just where do we fit in. As advise to others regardless of how old we are and to question weather we are wright or wrong and not to mention how the product line of options
    and things that have exploded over the years as new things hit the market every day to our need more and more.
    Things that might of only been in use from our youth that was not developed for adults untill years later.
    As to a certant point people might ask about these products and find a lot of releaf that they do have them on the market as well as where they can get them.
    Regardless of adge people still need to be informed and things need to be kept clean and legal.
    If some one models in a diaper showing the details of fit and comfort that might sute there need from a point of a fetish or a medical stand point could be helpfull.
    As I’ve exsperianced in the past from both points of view and still do today.
    I don’t thank we need to jump the gun and panic or lets face it underware commercials would be outlawed.
    So in my opinion as long as you keep clean about things and use common since and stay away from any thing that is less than 18 years of adge this could be vary helpfull to any one of any adge as long as its kept leagal.
    There is nothing wrong discussing what helps us out the most from a general point of prospective as far as the products go. And the products you cover the most is what I would recomend useing as well and what helps me is what has been recomended though your web sight as well.
    So to any one out there its up to you how you want to judge on this on your own behalf just make it an honest judgement.
    Take care.

  30. John January 30, 2011 at 3:38 am - Reply

    I hope as an example the picture I sent in is more than an example of what Im trying to mention about this article and to where I would like to show my participation in this group as to show where I come from, And there is nothing wrong with showing to others that are in need of such products what the fit or feel of that product may be.
    Wish you all the best.

  31. Abysitter January 31, 2011 at 8:54 am - Reply

    I just checked back into this blog entry after posting my first response weeks ago, and I’m impressed by the mature and thoughtful feedback it prompted.

    I understand those who are defending ADISC, but my first foray into the forums there resulted in a snitty message from someone complaining that I had a picture of myself (behind a baby bottle) instead of an animated image of an animal. I’m not much into the furry scene, so I thought that was a little strange. Then I read a few forum entries, and it was clear to me right away that we had 14yo’s talking with 40yo’s about stuff that was, while not necessary sexual, definitely fetish-related. I was a little uncomfortable, so I left. I take great pains to ensure my links don’t appear in places that cater to minors, like ADISC. I’d love to have the additional traffic, and I think I could post some material which would be of benefit to younger people, but I’d have to remove the ‘diaper porn’ from my blog, and I don’t plan to do that.

    I am working on a blog entry for underagers who accidentally stumble onto my blog (link in post above), I’m sure there are some. I may borrow a link or two from the comments here, hope you don’t mind.

  32. John February 1, 2011 at 5:28 pm - Reply

    Adian and to the founders of Ihart diapers.
    It seems some people have to go overboard and against very thing we are talking about in this article.
    And as to an example you might want to band some people from your web the names of those that only use an e-mail context to name them selfs on your web and exsposeing them selfs to all users includeing those who are minor
    Abysitter is an E-mail to a porn sight if you look up under recent comments
    and wanted to know what this person was saying it goes right to a porn web sight
    exsposeing every thing to not just us but to minors to.
    Be carfull of those who try to exspose your web sight in the wrong way or this might lead you and all of us in trouble, As we try to discuss what works best for some of us from a medical stand point of view or from a point of a fetish.
    I just hope you are carful and are aware I wish you the best.

  33. Hinck February 2, 2011 at 7:17 pm - Reply

    Be careful John, one way to tell that s person is not as old as they say is the number of spelling errors in their post.
    I won’t point them all out but the worst is “Ihart diapers” when the correct spelling is at the bottom of the page.

  34. Brett February 4, 2011 at 3:18 am - Reply

    Adrian, I am under 18 and I really like your blog, it shows that there are actually normal people in this … fetish I guess. You are completely right about it all. I don’t even know what to say because it’s really late. But just thought I’d let you know, I respect you, and you are completely right about this topic.

  35. Link Larkin April 12, 2011 at 9:33 pm - Reply

    I’m a teenager. It’s not like I chose to be ABDL. Where am I supposed to go? Please enlighten me.

    Btw, you’re right about it being a maternal instinct. Only moms would think so thoughtlessly.

  36. Chardo January 14, 2012 at 5:04 pm - Reply

    Ok, ik this was posted like a year ago, but I have to say, i do agree. Even though i am a teen myself and believe there should be a community for supporting teenagers, i dont think it should be something to make it look like something its not. Sites like these should never cater to teens. You see, i am a dl, even though i don’t have incontinence, but i couldn’t help it, something drew me towards it. I am looking for SUPPORT, not a site that makes me feel like a “porn addict” i guess you could say. Correct me if I seem to misunderstand this.

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