Hey everyone – so moving is finally done. We are still getting our place setup and what not but all the major moving has been done and I must say working in the southern heat in a diaper – WOW! Humidity can be rough in diapers as I am sure a lot of people know.

But, moving is done and things should be getting back to normal with the blog including TONS of new photos. I have now exhausted a lot of the older photos and am now uploading newer photos to the Premium Content section. There will also be a whole slew of new posts coming as well and some exciting announcements.



As you can see I uploaded 5 new photos to the Premium Content section today to start it all off. More regular updates to come. We have already started taking a ton of new photos at our new place as well as public photos as well. Its exciting moving to a new place! So, expect a lot of different photos with a lot more variety as well. As always thanks for your support. There is over 650 photos now in the Premium Content section and growing each week and I have just now started posting a lot of the “super” new photos I guess you could say.

Traffic on the site is still increasing regularly and I am still really glad I opted to upgrade my server even though it was more expensive because there is no way my old server would be able to handle the amount of traffic/bandwidth and photos that I have been getting lately. So, good decision on my part.

I hope everyone has been having a great time and if anyone lives in Nebraska and been involved in those storms – my prayers go out to you and your families!