Do you like adult pull-ups? I don’t. I actually think they are awkward and worthless.

None of them are cute – especially, when you compare them to adult diapers. Adult diapers have that nice crinkly, comfortable, and secure feeling to them. While, adult pull-ups feel flimsy, loose, non-fitting, and like they are going to leak all the time.

Adult Pullups DiaperAdult pull-ups are worthless in the ABDL community. No company puts out an adult pull-up like the baby pull-ups. It is unfortunate. Honestly, I would probably not even wear a pull-up if it was made as I much prefer adult diapers. I do know some people would love to have an adult version of Goodnights pull-ups.

If a company designed an adult pull-up like the old Goodnights pull-ups just a bit thicker – I would be tempted to try them out for old time sake.

I have tried on the adult pull-ups in the past almost just out of curiosity…they are bizarre. That is the best way to describe it. They practically leaked on the first wetting, didn’t fit me properly and were just plain awkward feeling. I immediately changed back into a Bambino Diaper and went on my merry way.

I feel the only people wearing adult pull-ups besides the true incontinent community is those people that find a super cheap deal on them and are unaware the other choices of diapers there are out there. Maybe the younger generation who do not have much money and are willing to take whatever they can get when it comes to the diaper “feel”. I don’t know…

But, my question is this…Do you think the adult pull-up is worthless? Besides the true incontinent community who uses them for very light wettings – are they practically useless?

My opinion is unconditionally…Yes. No protection. No comfort. Lack of proper fit. This all adds up to a useless undergarment.

What is your opinion of adult pull-ups?