Monthly Archives: March 2008

Secret Lives

So I was thinking today as I was walking down the street to have my normal lunch. I run a site which has thousands of members..and have you ever thought about how many people actually [...]

Diaper Parties

I was doing a little looking around on the internet and I saw that there are things such as diaper parties that are held all arond the country, mostly from what I can tell in [...]

ABDL Stories

I was just curious how many of you go to many of these sites that have a lot of ABDL stories? I read them sometimes and have a pretty good collection on my computer but [...]

A photo!

You need the Flash Player to view this video. Just wanted to share a photo with you all! i know I don't do that much so I thought i Would share! This is a picture [...]

Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter everyone!! I have a lot of family over here today..sadly :( I was really looking forward to just a low key day but hey its okay! I just got away real fast to [...]

Interesting Diaper Video

I am sure some of you may have already seen this video of a 'man diaper' commercial but I thought it was worth posting since I am sure not everyone has seen it and it [...]

Wow crazy morning

Well the sad thing is i JUST woke up about an hour ago and Peter and I went for a walk with our doggies! We didn't get in till about 4 in the morning this [...]

Funnnn Night!

Well ladies and gentleman I have to say I am very very excited about the evening ahead of me! I just got done showering and now I am waiting for Peter to come and diaper [...]

Warm Weather

I have to say that when warm weather is my favorite!!! I finally got out all the skirts from my closet which I can't wear to work but love to wear out on the weekends [...]

Evening Out Cont.

I got several requests about our evening out last night so I guess I should share some details even though for the most part it was a pretty quiet and uneventful evening! We went out [...]

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