Monthly Archives: March 2008


Well my friends its off to bed for me! I had a really long day with 3 different meetings and then once I got home Peter was sweet enough to fix me some dinner since [...]

Story of My Life Part 2

Well since there are more questions I figured I would go ahead and address as many as I could. I have to say that I have overall led a very blessed life, I was insecure [...]

My Story

I have had a lot of people ask about how I began wearing diapers so I thought I would go ahead and clear the air so that everyone will know :) At a very young [...]


I have decided to add another thing to my favorite things to do in diapers which I have already talked about before..EXERCISING in diapers!! I am not a big runner or walker, even though I [...]

All New Look?

Just wanted to let you all know that there could be a possible redesign of this blog! i am thinking about getting a new design for the blog going! I think that it needs something [...]

Come back Weekend!

I am so sad that this weekend is about to come to an end! Not to mention we lost an hour of sleep last night :( Oh well! Peter and I had a great weekend. [...]

Best Places To Go in a Diaper

S0 I was thinking about some of the best places that I really enjoy going to in a diaper, besides of course EVERYWHERE! But seriously some of the places that makes me extra happy! 1) [...]

Strange Video?

Well here is a strange video everyone...not sure what is the deal with it but check it out for yourself...sort of uh still trying to figure out what in the world was going on lol. [...]

All Day Diapers

Home on a quick lunch break so I wanted to send a post to my readers :) I got ready for work today and I was trying to find the thickets diaper I could because [...]

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