Why hello!

My name is Adrian and if you’ve found this page you most likely know a little bit about me. Here’s more. I am a married, professional woman who enjoys a great variety of hobbies and life activities including, not surprisingly, blogging with a dash of web design. I also love running, shopping, college sports, and hanging out with my husband and friends. I work in the banking industry and while I live up north at the moment, I’m a southerner by birth and by nature and can’t wait to get back to warmer environs soon.

This site is the latest evolution of my blogging about my life in diapers. For those of you who may be new to my online writing, let me catch you up. I have both urinary and bowel incontinence (one more serious than the other) and that has caused me to have to wear diapers for the majority of my lifetime. I have come to terms with it and learned to love them actually because after all they are apart of me and who I am. And so, out of both necessity and a passion, I am what you would call a “DL” (Diaper Lover). DL’s are one part of a broader community/lifestyle called “ABDL” – the “AB” short for Adult Baby. While I am not an “AB” I welcome those of you who are to my site. And for those who are just plain jane incontinent OR don’t identify with the AB or DL lifestyle, I wish you nothing but respect so long as you show the same to me and this community. Life is too short to judge people or worry about being judged based on something like this.

The primary purpose of this site is to share my thoughts and experiences, and hopefully help others living with incontinence, living as an ABDL, or those who are just simply interested.

I live a completely normal professional and social life, probably more social than most people, and have a ton of colleagues and friends that I interact with regularly and normally. The vast majority of them know about my incontinence and they know that I wear diapers… and all of them understand it and encourage my outlook and attitude.

It was my positive attitude with respect to living with diapers that put me on the path to meeting my husband, Peter. We met at an incontinence seminar and hit it off from there. Like me, he also wears diapers 24/7 and also like me has come to love them.

I encourage dialog and participation on the site — just please keep it respectful and clean. In addition to leaving comments, you can use the Contact Us page to send me an email.