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Loving the Snuggies Adult Diapers

Snuggies Diapers

Snuggies diapers have been around a while but I have sort of been delayed in getting around to trying them. I thought they always looked cute but never got to try them. So, I made the jump and tried them ...

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How Often I Change My Diaper

Diaper Under Clothes

Lets talk about a topic that rarely gets discussed. How often do I change or have my diaper changed. I know this can be variable depending on your situation but I will let you know my thoughts on the matter. ...

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What is Next for Bambino Diapers?

Bambino Diapers Best Adult Diaper

Bambino Diapers is probably the best adult baby and diaper lover diaper maker on the market right now as far as performance, comfort, price, privacy, and appearance goes. Some people will argue there are a couple others – but consistently Bambino ...

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Doing Yoga with Diapers

Lately a lot has been going on as you can imagine with life in general and I have tried to adopt a more relaxed way of life with all the stressful things going on around me. One thing that I ...

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Bambino Diapers Boost-Ups

So, I got in a bunch of Bambino Diapers new Boost Ups that allow you to basically “boost up” the absorbency of any diaper that you are using. I took a few photos of how I setup my diapers with ...

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Learning to Wear Diapers in Public

Wearing diapers has always come fairly natural to me so wearing in public was never some huge deal.  But, for many people in the adult baby and diaper lover community.  It is a huge deal and a big step to ...

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