So I just thought I would rant about something real quick. On our time out last night Peter and I just went around to different stores mostly to just get out and get away! anyways..we went out to this hardware store to look around and they had a bunch of wood on store and I just started thinking about how fun it would be to build a changing table to put in the room or somewhere in our house! I could make a nice cushion for the top of it and then it would be awesome! I am just trying to convince Peter to help build it because I know nothing about that at all! so hopefully i can talk him into that soon because I think that would be great!

Just thought I would share that with everyone! 🙂

More later.. 🙂.

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  1. Angela Bauer March 18, 2008 at 10:36 pm - Reply

    Hi Stacey and Peter,
    Although I can and frequently do pin my own gauze diapers, within days of falling in love Don and I decided I needed an adult-size changing table. Our origal one was simply a 6’x30″ folding table with some vinyl fabric over a piece of foam. That was not perfect but better than changing myself on a soft mattress.

    Even before we got married Don started looking into alternatives. We considered buying an exam table like doctors use. Los Angeles has several dealers in used medical office and hospital equipment, but those are a bit narrow. Instead Don designed an adult changing table that has drawers and cabinets under it and a pull-out step at the end so I can get on and off it without being lifted. It is 36″ wide, so I am not likely to fall off and it even has safety rails at the head end, which still allows Don or whoever to reach from either side during changes. The fairly shallow top drawer pulls out in the middle, so I can reach the supplies, like wipes, lotion and powder if I must change myself.

    In a previous post I mentioned that I have a Munchkin wipe warmer without a nightlight which is in the top drawer, which has a hole so the electrical cord can reach an outlet. Some of my diapers are kept in the cabinet under the changing table, but more are stored in kitchen-style cabinets on a wall near the changing table so I do not need to bend over so far to get them.

    It took Don a few days to draw the plans and a long weekend in his shop to actually build it. Once the wood work was done and finished, we sent it to an upholstery shop for a professional foam and Naugahide padded top. That only needed to be redone once so far after 12 years of use.

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