This review has been a long time in the making! As you can imagine, it takes quite a while to test your way through four cases of Bambino Diapers, even if you’re a heavy user.

But it’s finally time to explore a comparison of the popular Bambino Diapers, I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for: each of premium diaper manufacturer Bambino’s signature offerings, stacked up against one another. We’ll start with the Classico as our base point, and compare the other models from there!

 1. The Bambino Diapers Classico

This is where it all started: Bambino’s first model of ultra-absorbent, adult-baby-themed diapers.

The signature feature — the gimmick, if you will — is a three-dimensional double drum core of padding. In layman’s terms, that means that there are two long tubes of absorbent wood fiber (called “fluff pulp”) surrounded by super-absorbent polymer (“slush powder”) running lengthwise down the diaper. Those give the diaper the ability to soak up a lot of heavy wetting at its core first, prolonging the time before the leg gathers are in danger of leaking.

Overall, the Classico is a really good diaper. It outperforms generic and store-brand diapers, as well as the heaviest diapers from big names like Depends and Attends.

That said, it’s not a perfect diaper. If you try it out having heard a lot of Bambino-hype (and there’s a lot of Bambino-hype), you may be disappointed. The absorbency is still comparable to the heavy offerings from other premium brands like Abena, and the tapes aren’t perfectly placed — if you seal both of them to the “landing strip” on the upper diaper, you don’t get much of a seal down by the legs, where the leaks are most likely to occur.

It’s also tough to re-do the tapes once they’re placed, even if you do get them on the landing strip. Half the time they won’t come back up without tearing, and the rest of the time the adhesive is too weak for a solid seal on the second use.

But with all that said, the Bambino Classico is still a good diaper. If you’re coming from basic store-bought diapers to premium diapers for the first time, you’ll certainly be impressed.

2. The Bambino Diapers Bianco

This section is the easiest one to write: the Bianco is the same diaper as the Classico, but without the baby-themed print.

In terms of performance, they’re identical. The difference is visual, so let that guide you.

If you’re into baby-themed play of any sort, the Classico is the obvious choice. If you prefer your diapers plain, go with the Bianco. Keep in mind, though — just because it’s white does not mean that the Bianco is subtle! It’s a big, thick diaper with a very crinkly landing strip on the front. It’s not going to tuck in easily under a pair of jeans and immediately vanish from notice.

For my part, I wish they’d left the landing strip off (since the tapes don’t reseal all that well anyway) and produced a slightly more flexible, less noisy diaper. But that’s not what the Bianco is, so keep the bulk and the noise in mind when you consider buying it.

3. The Bambino Diapers Teddy

I’m a fan of the Teddy, which uses a softer front panel to cut down on some of the noise and stiffness that plagues the Classico and Bianco diapers.

(In theory there’s also some added padding for extra absorbency, but it doesn’t seem to make much of a practical difference in terms of how long the Teddy can go between changes. Most of the added padding was toward the rear of the diaper, where it’s of limited use for wetness control.)

Unfortunately, Bambino isn’t making this one in a blank style yet, so if you don’t like the teddy bear print you’re out of luck. As long as you’re comfortable with that aspect, though, this is at least a small upgrade on the basic Bianco and Classico models, and they’re currently priced the same.

4. The Bambino Diapers Bellissimo

Was there ever excitement when these came out! That was a couple years ago now, but they are still, without a doubt, some of the most impressive adult diapers on the market, and a marked improvement on the generation of diapers that came before them.

The double core is much thicker than in the Classico etc. lines, and the added bulk is definitely noticeable. You’ll feel it between your legs even dry, and when the diaper starts to absorb it will get very large and heavy. There’s nothing subtle about the Bellissimo.

In the “pros” column, it’s about as absorbent as disposables get, at least right now. For heavy wetting, you’re not going to do better than a Bellissimo. It’s a champ, plain and simple.

In the “cons,” it unfortunately still suffers from the same weakness as the other Bambinos: the tapes aren’t the best, they don’t refasten all that well even when you get them squarely in the landing zone, and it’s tough to get a tight seal around your legs unless you stray outside the landing zone. It’s also, like the Teddy, only available in a babyish design right now, which can be off-putting for adult users who don’t have AB/Little interests.


Overall, none of these are bad diapers. They’re all high performers on absorbency, and if you’re willing to tolerate baby prints you have a good range of products to choose from.

The Teddy is probably your best bet for comfort, and the Bellissimo for bulk and absorbency. If you don’t place a high priority on either of those, the Classico or Bianco will serve you just fine, but at that point they’re a little tougher to recommend — you could get similar performance out of other brands’ top offerings, which usually cost less and don’t have the stiff front panel. For top performance, I recommend sticking to the Bellissimo and the Teddy.

Bambino has announced more changes coming soon, including a softer, stronger inner lining. We’ll report back once we get a chance to try those — but for now, this has been the Bambino Classico/Bianco/Teddy/Bellissimo side-by-side-by-side-by-side comparison! Hope you enjoyed…

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  1. Jason January 31, 2014 at 12:19 pm - Reply

    It’s too bad they’re not sold in stores. I’d buy them off the shelf in a heartbeat. They’d have to be sold under a different brand name, something less infantile, so that adults won’t be put off by the infantile name or the look. I’d by the Bambino Bianco diaper for obvious reasons.

  2. Bambino January 31, 2014 at 1:50 pm - Reply

    First off The Bambinos came in late yesterday and they’re on sale! Prints came in upside down, bummer! Get them while they last!!

    On the post I pretty much agree! I’ve used all 4. I currently use the Bianco, Teddy, and Bellissimo which is my favorite do to capacity!

    Bianco- I personally like the noise and wish all the diapers were like that! I also have no problem with the tapes or leaks. One thing on the tapes is, if you grip them good and give them I nice swift pull they come off nice and clean. I have had them tare in rare circumstances. I’ve pulled them off slow too without issues.

    Teddy- Same as stated above no issues with the extra padding. It does get more wet in the back and pulls the wettings from the front after multiple wettings. I like this print the most and wish they would put this on the Bellissimo.

    Bellissimo- All the same as above on the last two. I don’t care for the print and wish the Teddy print was on there.

    All in all, I’m very happy with their products due to my OAB. I urinate on the average 20-30 times a day not to mention the dribbles or when I drink beer or coffee then every 5 minutes. So, the absorbency is a blessing. Last, I wish the Teddy came in white and love the crinkle. I wish the Bellissimo came in white and Teddy print and love the crinkle. I’m not an AB so I don’t care fore the baby print on the Bellissimo. Something….like baseball, sport cars, truck prints would be better. There’s my opinions:). Sorry for any grammar or spelling errors.

  3. Bambino January 31, 2014 at 1:57 pm - Reply

    Oh…..also. I never have problem with leaks and I think the leg gathers are great. However, everyone’s body shape is different, which could effect performance. I’ve been in diapers since I was born and besides baby diapers, Bambinos are the best on the market, as I’ve tried everything out there except dry 24/7 which I’m planning on if they ever get back in stock with their new up grade.

    • Jason January 31, 2014 at 2:00 pm - Reply

      My bladder control has always been iffy at best. Almost non-existent at worst. So for me, wearing diapers is a requirement.

  4. CD February 1, 2014 at 2:07 pm - Reply

    My wife was the one that got me wearing Bambino diapers oddly enough. I saw the site and called my wife over because I thought it was odd to have baby-like diapers for adults. She laughed and then said “it’s a neat way to put some fun in a not fun condition”. I was having a hard time becoming recently incontinent due to nerve damage in my neck and back so I told her I would order a sample pack since using catheters every night was starting to irritate my urethtra badly. At first, we both laughed at how ridiculous the prints looked on a guy that lifts weights (seeing four abdominals then the word “baby” is funny) but I realized that they were a superior product, were more comfortable and I slept better. I ordered 7 cases last January. My only wish is that I hadn’t ordered so many other brands since I am using up that stock now. However, when I travel I don’t bring Bambinos, just Abena, Tena Maxi and the obligatory daytime Depend underwear.

    That was two years ago…she still thinks they look cute on me and not as clinical as the Abenas which I wore up until that point. I still try other brands from time-to-time but I love the Bellissimo and Teddy. I always use doublers with them. The Bellissimo is my night-time diaper – my wife calls them “hello kitty” diapers. She wishes they made them with a monkey print. The Teddy is great for nights when I think I will be a little drier since the bulk of the Bellissimo is substantial and can be hard to get to sleep on my side when my legs won’t close. They very rarely leak on me…that includes ‘pinhole leaks’ where the SAP pokes through the shell. Even though last night I still overfilled a doubled Bellissimo in my sleep…this is rare though. I’m washing the sheets for the second time in two days right now. The night before was on overfilled M3…bad judgement.

    For me, the tapes stay put forever. They are easy to adjust, I have never had one break in two or slip…in fact I have a hard time getting the tapes off in the morning. My hands are weak in the morning and changing can be tough when the tapes won’t come off (the bottom tapes especially). Sometimes I will cut through them… The landing strip is great in my opinion. One tape right at top and then the other tape in my thigh crease toward the bottom.

    I am VERY happy with them and hope they don’t try to change the product that much. Abena used to be so much better…I hope that doesn’t happen with Bambino. They have made being incontinent just that much more bearable for me.

    Take care,

    • Jason February 1, 2014 at 2:10 pm - Reply

      I agree. Just because one is incontinent, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be allowed to have fun while managing it.

    • Gordon October 11, 2014 at 6:48 am - Reply

      “the bulk of the Bellissimo is substantial and can be hard to get to sleep on my side when my legs won’t close.”

      Place a pillow between your knees. This is better for spine alignment anyway according to my PT.

  5. william February 2, 2014 at 12:11 pm - Reply

    Great review. Imo there is a difference in body shapes and the size bambino that you buy that also affects the leg tightness and the concealabilty of the diapers.
    I wear the medium size and the leg had always been a lil tight but the diaper rides perfectly under my clothes, I’ve tried the larges and then I have the loose leg area you have described well and there is no hiding ho high it comes up the waist line. My biggest advice to someone that wants to try them for the first time is to try the sizes out.
    I know what works for me, the tightness I have around the leg w/ the medium helps with leaks at my job and keeping it more hidden. hands down the best I’ve ever used is the bellissimo. To each his own and happy testing 🙂 may your leaks be minimal.
    6’6″ 275lbs 36″ jean sized waist.

  6. devon February 9, 2014 at 5:02 pm - Reply

    how about the softness of the inner lining? which one is the softest?

    • Adrian Surley February 10, 2014 at 8:47 am - Reply

      In my opinion – they are all pretty much the same softness. Maybe the Bellissimo has a slight edge.

  7. Dragon-Knight February 10, 2014 at 11:07 pm - Reply

    Yeah, I agree with you Adrian. Its been a long time since I had any Bambino’s for various reasons. Going by my last memory of wearing them, I’ll say that they are all basically the same besides the different prints.

    Speaking of diapers, the same can be said for ABU as they have there SDK, Cushies and cloth like Cushies, and the Sissy Diapers all of course with there one large tape design and haven’t had them since I haven’t had Bambino’s for the same time, I’ll say that they are all the same other the prints on there diapers. Take it easy. Dragon-Knight

    • Jason February 10, 2014 at 11:26 pm - Reply

      I’ve never tried Bambino diapers.

  8. […] to expand outward in all directions when the super-absorbent polymers become wet. (Check out our detailed look at Bambino diapers for more information about their […]

  9. Mikeabdl February 17, 2014 at 7:24 pm - Reply

    Bambino Teddys and Bellissimos are my favorite adult disposable diapers. Both styles are very thick, babyish and absorbent. I love the fit and performance of them and usually wear the thicker Bellissimos at night and Teddys during the day form better concealment. These two bambinos are my diaper of choice after years of experimenting with depends, attends, Abena and dry 24/7.

  10. A.J. May 1, 2014 at 12:28 pm - Reply

    Like you Adrian I’m a fan of the BambinoTeddys. They absorb alot and are super comfortable I haven’t had any problems with them yet like other brands I’ve tried. I started wearing these to work and going out and about so far no leaks, but there have been two occasions where one of my friends and family pointed out the diapers is noticible when I wear jeans or shorts which I can’t help and I’ve gotten a few stares which I don’t mind. These diapers are awesome plain and simple!

  11. steven November 1, 2014 at 6:18 pm - Reply

    I have neurogenic bladder and bowel with saddle numbness. I used attends with waistband and tranquility at from 2001 till last year. I discovered Sabina m4 and then bambino. I have 4kids from to 16 so being discrete was always my first concern. Two months ago I was diagnosed with colon and rectal cancer. Have had two minor surgeries since and next week I’m having my colon and rectom mostly removed and a colostomy bag placed. With my current issues, my kids have been told of my problems. They all were very understanding. I’m former ARMY and just retired medically from private armed security so I feared being looked at as less than a man and big strong daddy. This was not the case though. I’m very proud of my kids. My wife of 17 years is great. But she hates what I’m going through and I’m sure she resents my diapers cause I hate them and they get in the way of us cuddling. Intecourse hasn’t been an option for a few years. She helps with changes when needed. I hate Sabina cause of the bulk but love the protection from them. I also use Bianco’s. The others would be nice except for the baby print. I can put up with it but my wife won’t. She thinks its too strange for an adult guy to have baby diapers. Adrian, I want to thank you for your current and past web sites and your articles. They have helped mein so many ways . Especially the ones about how to deal with diapers in every day life. Its not likely that I will post anymore here. My prognosis is not so good. If I survive then I will go on fighting. If I die, please know that you helped me. You did make a difference. I can tell that you want to make a difference through your sites. You have. May God bless you. And I thank you in Jesus’s name. Thanks again. From Steven.

    • bambino November 14, 2014 at 11:30 am - Reply

      Steven, I’m speechless and hurt for you! I’m very sorry to hear this and what your going through. I will pray for you, your family. Life is not fair! Ugh.. I hope you get to do many things that bring you love and laughter during your difficult times. I know I would like to hear how your doing? Even strangers like us care for you!

      • Jason November 14, 2014 at 11:56 am - Reply

        I don’t know anything about Nuerogenic Bladder. I’ve heard of it by name, but I’ve never known what it was, or what causes it.

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