How To Be Comfortable Wearing Diapers

Wearing diapers is not a completely natural thing in everyday society even though most of us truly want it to be. You have to truly get used to wearing diapers to be fully comfortable with it. I have been wearing diapers since I was a baby and even then it still took some getting use to as I went through the various phases in my life. When I was in the later stages of elementary school and kids started to develop a sense of “douchebaggery” (pardon my french) they would make fun of me if they discovered me wearing diapers but it was not a huge thing because obviously in elementary school, teachers are still very protective. So, that took some getting use to.  Then, as I moved onto middle school and high school – things happened and you learn to deal with them. You adjust and you develop a thicker skin through each phase. I told myself all the time that this is what life has dealt me and many people had been dealt worse things in their life.

Developing Thick Skin

Being comfortable wearing diapers requires a bit of thick skin because wearing diapers at first requires some bravery and confidence in yourself. Naturally, at some point in your life someone is going to say something or make you feel uncomfortable.  It is going to happen and if you just expect it then it may be easier to handle and you will be ready for it. Have an answer or comment prepared. But, over time you will develop thick skin to people that feel they need to judge you.

Have Confidence

Confidence is key when it comes to being comfortable wearing diapers and comfortable with yourself. After a while of wearing diapers for such an extended period of time – one becomes more and more comfortable with the idea of it. Confidence is a key factor in many things through out life but especially with things that are or appear to be a bit abnormal to the everyday things. If you don’t think its a big deal then others are less likely to think its a big deal.

Wear More

The more you wear diapers the more comfortable you will be actually wearing diapers…I know imagine that. But, its true – the more you wear diapers the more natural and comfortable you will become.  You will notice yourself taking more and more risks and before long what use to be something of a big deal to you will be an everyday occurrence.  The hardest part is taking that first step!

Wearing diapers is something that many people taking getting used to. Unless you have been the rare person that has worn diapers their entire life – it will take some getting use to and being more comfortable with yourself. Don’t judge yourself or think of yourself as a freak! Don’t! If it is something you truly enjoy and makes you “tick” then it is a good thing because it helps you and does not hurt anyone else. Just do what you love and don’t give yourself such a hard time over it. Becoming comfortable with wearing diapers takes a bit of time, experimenting and bravery – but I have faith in YOU. Take joy in knowing there are thousands if not millions of other adult babies and diaper lovers out there with you.

About Adrian Surley

I have been wearing diapers for 24/7 since I was born. I have a congenital problem forcing me to wear diapers. I have accepted this and have embraced the adult baby and diaper lover community. I also support the incontinence community as well. I am here to help, inspire and motivate others.


  1. In retrospect, I don’t think I would have minded going through school in diapers. I’ve loved them since age ten, possibly much earlier, so it might not have been so bad for me. As far as ridicule is concerned, I pretty much got harassed non-stop going through school anyway, so I doubt much would have changed.

    In fact, wearing diapers might have prevented two of the most embarrassing incidents I ever had to endure growing up. In fourth grade, I had a teacher who refused to let me use the restroom. My bladder then, as now, was weak, so wetting myself was inevitable. Both times this occurred, I had to walk in front of a classroom of giggling, snickering kids to tell that witch of a teacher I had to go home to change. (Fortunately I lived just one building over, but the trip was still miserable).

    I know youth diapers existed in the early seventies (I’d stare at them in the Sears catalog for hours) so it’s not as if they weren’t available. They would have helped me get through that horrible year.

    • I didn’t either, I wore diapers a few weeks left of junior collage, and I just started wearing 3 or 4 weeks ago. I wear 24/7 and i’m just starting to get comfortable in them. I’ve been brave, been wearing under my clothes out and about. I’m proud of myself with diapers.

    • Going to school diapered was a challenge at first but overtime I got used to it, I remember one embarrassing moment in the fifth grade it was during recess I was sitting on a bench talking with two of my friends and me not being able to tell if I pee or poop let my diaper get so soaked I leaked and with jeans it was pretty noticeable to, luckily my friends noticed just in time and I quickly ran to the restroom to changed. And of course some kids saw my wet jeans as I ran inside but no one said anything when I came back outside.

  2. Growing up incontinent in a tropical island (yes), I had to wear a very loose sundress as a school uniform. I wore shorts underneath to prevent upskirts and hide the bulge. This of course was uncomfortable. So i latter ditched that and accepted the barrage of laughter.

  3. I am 32 years old & male I have had a normal upbringing as a child and was potty trained at 1& ahalf in age back in 1982/1983 have worn nappies/diapers for over a year now when I started having problems with incontanance I use to wear normal clothing until I started having problems & was a little bit nervous about taking the step of returing to nappies but I am now not only wearing them 24/7 but with comfidance, so I do apprechiate what you are saying I have tried Tena Slip maxi’s, But they leaked alot from the sides so I was until recently wearing Drydayz/Cludlez nappies which were alot more absorbant but stopped useing them due to the cost as they cost a fortune to order on-line and now I wear boots stay dry slips which I can buy from boots they are more or less comfitable but are less absorbant so occasionally I have to double up & make sure they are sealed tightly so they don’t leak.

    I don’t see myself as an adult baby but take the view that I have to wear them due to my disabilites/medical needs
    so I am not one who chose this option likely as It was a big step but

  4. Sorry about not completing my post I was interupted by a computer glitch
    what I was going on to say was altough It was a big step but I feel comfitable in them.

  5. I’ve never understood why the hang-up people have with wearing diapers. Whether it’s for need or choice, people should be allowed to wear diapers. Whether it’s for road trips or work, or for watching a movie, however healthy one is, physically, mentally, emotionally, or even psychologically, one should wear diapers.


  7. yah i agree it depends on what diaper you wear i wear dry 24/7 diapers to work and abena m4s at home and put poise hour glass pads in side for added support and comfort and sprinkle baby powder in there and i stay dry for hours

  8. i am in diapers 24/7 and people treat you like why u like diapers not like but need them i wear cloth mostly but the are real bulkey ther cooler thow and you dont have to change as much eather gary

    • I’d wear cloth diapers and plastic pants if I had someone to help pin them on me.

    • What I’ve never understood is why, once a child is potty trained and out of diapers, a parent expects that child to not have any accidents. From experience, I can say that it’s not possible to hold on indefinitely. However well aware one may be that he or she needs to pee, unless you’re near a toilet when you need to pee, you won’t be able to hold on and unless you’re wearing a diaper, you’re going to piss your pants. I’ve had that happen. It’s the same with when you need to poop. It doesn’t matter how old one is or how aware he or she may be of his need to poop. If you can’t be near a toilet when you need to go, you’re going to have an accident unless you’re wearing a diaper.

  9. Hey Im there with you Jason.

    Even if your potty trained its always good to wear a diaper.

    If you can’t hold it in or be near a toilet no worries you got your diaper on.


    • I *totally* agree. I don’t know anyone who can hold on indefinitely before he/she’s able to make it to a toilet. I wore a diaper while I was working this afternoon. It was soaked by the time I was finished working out.

  10. So you only wear diapers Jason? No underwear or anything else?

  11. I think I have showed you this already before but here is this story of the 3 children going back to diapers.

    Tell me if its funny and if you like it.


  12. Jason

    I will leave this Friday to go to Las Vegas so I will not be able respond to any comments/posts such as you or Bryan until like the 2nd or the 3rd of January because thats when I will come back.

    I only have a desktop computer which is why I can’t respond so sorry if I will be gone for like 2 weeks.

    Im going to be diapered there so I can enjoy all the games and casinos without getting up to go to the restroom.


  13. No but my mom is coming with me too.


  14. I am new to wearing adult diapers because of my incontinence Im still getting used to it.

    • I’ve been wearing diapers on and off since I was a boy. Partly because I still wet my pants, but also because I liked it. I liked being able to pee and to poo at will without having to hold until I make it to the toilet.

  15. I agree it takes some tome to realize that diapers area way of life.
    For me it started 13 years ago after prostate/bladder cancer surgery.
    When the Cather was removed I put on a diaper. When I stood up pee started to flow.
    It felt so wearied it continued like that for months. Bed time was constant leaking and not waking up. After 2 years of this I new that I would be in diapers 24/7 for the rest of my life.
    I know that diapers are a part of my life and do enjoy them. ,

  16. My dr told me I needed diapers. What are the most comfortable?

  17. I really only wear diapers at night in bed, it just gives me a sense of relaxation and security.

    • I don’t need diapers for medical reasons, nor is there a “fetish” for diapers. For me, it’s simply convenience and security, a “just in case I can’t be near a toilet when I need to pee.”

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