Best Places To Go in a Diaper

S0 I was thinking about some of the best places that I really enjoy going to in a diaper, besides of course EVERYWHERE! But seriously some of the places that makes me extra happy!

1) The Movies
2) Around the Mall
3) To Work
4)  Out in the park on a warm day
5) On the beach (even though I haven’t been in quite a long time)
6) While doing gardening
7) While lying on our comfy couch watching tv and movies late at night
8) While playing fetch with my doggies

I honestly think I could go on and on…where are some of your favorite places?

About Adrian Surley

I have been wearing diapers for 24/7 since I was born. I have a congenital problem forcing me to wear diapers. I have accepted this and have embraced the adult baby and diaper lover community. I also support the incontinence community as well. I am here to help, inspire and motivate others.


  1. I would have to say the movies..either in home or at a theater has to be number one. I’ve never worn a diaper to the beach before, but it would be nice I bet! I personally enjoy my diapers while hiking up here, or doing some mountain climbing. Its great because then I don’t have to worry about needing to go to the bathroom, and if i’m on a more used trail, I don’t have to find that spot where I have to worry about someone being offended by me peeing into the bushes somewhere. Long car rides as well! Driving up here was a blast…but for those of you who just don’t know…once you get a certain distance into Canada on your way to Alaska, you only have about 3 stops! It’s like 600 miles from Edmonton to Fort Nelson, then another 650-700 to Whitehorse, and then another 700 or so to Anchorage…so driving in a car for 12 hours or so, in the mountains when it’s freezing cold outside, I really appreicated them then!

  2. my favorite place to be in a diaper in is either in my bed or in the car because its really comfy to sleep in ur bed with just a t-shirt and a diaper and my house is scary at night (i think its huanted) so i don’t have to get up to go to the bathroom i can just fall asleep not scared in my bed (and my bed doesn’t have to be wet either). i also like to wear diapers in the car because it helps me relax more knowing that if i do have to go i don’t have to worry about accidents and my dad grounding me for making his car smell like urine. but besides that i like to wear them everywhere as long as i have a change diaper with me.

  3. The best places to wear a diaper are anywhere they enable you miss out on inconvenient loo breaks especially when you are with friends who have to break off and go


  4. Someone mentioned wearing a diaper for hiking. I will add riding horses. Not only is the added padding good, it is a major deal to dismount then get back on a horse without some help, like when you are riding on a trail.

    Sure, airline planes have loos, but you do not have those in smaller private planes. I never had to worry because I was wearing a diaper.


  5. I’ve not thought about “places” to wear. For me it’s the mood I’m in and what I’ve got to do that determines if I’m going to wear and just what combination I’ll wear. It could be a pull-up… a pull-up with a pad… a Molicare… a Molicare with a pad… or even a pull-up with a Molicare over it.

  6. I just came off the slope while in a Abri-Form X-Plus diaper. Went the whole day skiing while in a diaper. The extra padding made riding up the chair lif pleasureable.

  7. i like go camping in one , fishing, going to a sporting event., going to the mall,bar

  8. i go evry where in my diapers becouse for some one like me or adrian if we dont where are diapers we will pee are pants being incontinent and all but i do not think i could live if there where no more diapers.

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